Dictionary "The White Company" Arthur Conan Doyle

"The White Company" by Arthur Conan Doyle has many medieval, French, foreign and obscure terms. Reading again, I find terms earlier than at first, so I may do an alphabetic list later.

Reminds me of Georgette Heyer's romances. Even French translater could not decode exclamations of surprise, affection, curses, such as zounds - God's wounds, struth - God's truth, and others too obscure. I hope posting the list on my blog will allow others to find, use, add.
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included because right definition oft buried deep and I read paper edition
. = not in dictionaryone
such as ouche = ear p312 encyclopaedic dictionary
Her. = heraldry
Chapter 1 beau lieu - fine place Fr.
angelus - 6am, noon, 6pm bells
vesper sunset (compline after vespers)
.bouvary or ox-farm beevary beef-farm
marl lime
saltern salt-works
mattock - long-handle pick-ax chops, digs
.spicarium - shipbuilding yard
lector lecturer
.cantle hide
.prie-dieu foot-rest Fr.
orison prayer
none 3pm
.piscatorium or fishpond
verderer forester
c2 hide hyde ~100 acres
franklin landholder, not noble
citole cittern - stringed pear-shape instrument
rebeck 3-stringed pear-shape instrument
.socman landlord
refectory dining-hall
simnel - crisp bread
rammel discard
c3 fuller fabric-washer (wool thickens full)
.gallybagger scarecrow

c4 guerdon gift
cittern citole
paynim heathen
regarderer verderer forester
.mercery cloth
sendal - fine thin silk
c5 chevron invert-V Her.
bend diagonal Her
saltire X Her.
scrivener copyist
collops portions
truss beam
limner artist, illuminator
gleeman musician
chapman peddlar
bearward bear-keeper
swink toil
toper drunkard
.dresser butcher
webster weaver
tow - coarse fiber before spinning
distaff - winds yarn with spindle before spinning

ell length 45" Eng.
.bottrine - small bottle
.jack 2 1/2oz. before CharlesI gill=5oz
cope cloak
miniver - light fur trim
.naping linen - neck collars
mortress stew
brawn boar
stoup cup
brigandine - cloth covered armor
.tee-hole tree-hole
.tardvenus latecomers
.onfall attack
bushment ambush
.escalado struggle Span.
.peste plague Fr.
paltock jacket
bobance boast
.pasques dieu - curse, not of god = godless
.lurden lout
.foi faith Fr.
.gar boy Fr. garcon

leveret - yearling hare
.mechante wicked Fr.
.livre franc 20 sous Obs.
.yeoman prickers - armed guards
ruffle - kerfuffle, noisy fight
stave music, staff
martlets - martin bird less beak, feet stylized Her.
solleret foot-armor
greave leg-armor
hackle feather
matins, lauds - dawn 6am
oriflamme - red-orange royal flag
.fire-krake, bombard - cannon

guerdon gift
reeking sweaty
paynim heathen

wapentake - div. of shire, county 1/100
rede advice
.arbelestier - wielder of arbalest
arbalest - steel crossbow for stone, ball
scath harm
.bassinet basinet - steel helmet
heath scrub-land
verjuice - from green sour fruit
gall - bitter bile
.hobeler - light cavalry on Irish hobby pony
beeves beef
bill - bill-hook, pole-arm weapon

galligaskins - wide trousers

gules red
tippet - scarf, stole
.drageoir sweet-box
banneret - company leader
pennon - pennant, flag
caitiff cowardly
devoir duty
.bejaped teased
brace two

embrasure firing-hole
.clout - hanky archery-target
fortalice fort-outwork
plastron breast-plate
ouche brooch
murrain - animal plague
.dagsman daggerman
blazonry coat-of-arms Her.
bancal bench(cover)
fess - band Her.
.lozenge - narrow diamond Her.
mullets fish Her.
jambe greaves (below-knee armor)
.venerie venery hunt

thorpe hamlet (dorp)
.bachelle - land area ten farms
brassart armguard
jupon - long vest over armor
bourne - destination, boundary
almagest - Ptolemy's complete ancient astronomy & like works
.hendy hende - dextrous, kind
oriel - bay window
lambrequin - token helmet scarf

precept command
.pensil pencel - spear streamer flag
chamfron - horse-head armor
guidon - guiding, officer's flag
sumpter pack
napery - table linens
kilderkin 16gal
leer empty
wivern dragon(-head spurless cock) Her.
cyclas - long surcoat-gown, short front
.malvoisie - malmsey sweet madiera Port. wine
vernage - sweet It. wine
gage favor
palfrey - light ladies' horse

.allurion - alerion eagle less beak & talon Her.
roan - speckled brown horse
quarterings - coat of arms may show intermarriages Her.
.Benedictus dominus meus qui docet manus meas ad proleum
- Blessed be the Lord my God, who teaches my hands to fight, and my fingers to war.
ruth sympathy
levin lightning
.beard on his shoulder - agrin, grinning
.pessoner fisherman-monger-seller
.creyer - or brig - square-rig 2-mast
cog - small fishing boat (ironic)
Levant - now Lebanon, Syria, Israel
shallop boat
.nief naive, innocent
.galleasse - ship large & swift
houseled - given eucharist, housel
shriven absolved
larboard left
mantlet - portable bulletproof shelter
pavis shield
.trabuch - mangonel catapult

c16 none

wrack seaweed
whinyard sword
cartel challenge
.dimidation - impalement piercing
.kermess - kirmess outdoor fair
.cherk jerk
camail - mail hood past neck

herbergage harborage, lodging
pourpont, courtpoint, doublet - jacket
Her. Heraldry:
bend (dexter) - line from lower left to upper right
.cotises dancette - outlined by jagged lines
.barry - horiz. bars
moline cross - forked tips
annulet ring
.epreuve trial, proving

banderole - little banner

c20,21 none

fenny swamp

c23 none

vambrace - forearm armor
crapper - saddle strap under horse tail

lurcher - lurker, silent hunter

wanion plague

fustian - strong cotton-linen w. slight nap
falding - rough napped cloth
sompnour summoner

c28 none

ortolan songbird
.beccafico songbird Ital.
canaille rabble Fr., canaglia dog pack Ital.

pyx - receptacle for Eucharist waters

fardel bundle

.hufken - archer's light head armor
.lammastide - 29 June St Peter's day

.gaves or valleys
izard chamois antelope
.parement or long linen gown
cinquefoil - five petal flower Her. Fr.
pinion wing Her.

gambeson - gambison, protective quilted cloth
moulinet - part of arbalest, short crossbow Fr. vs. Eng. longbow
.cornelwood cherry
.saddleback vs swineback - shaft construction, latter resists air more so steadier in wind
.rover - casual target while moving
.longbutt - over 100 yard? (paste-board target on) earth base htxlgxwd base-top = 7x9x 4-1'4"
.hoyles - hill-like casual target
(.flight farthest distance competition)
cantle saddle-back
.jacks - assorted small tools, doodads?

barranca ravine
.sewer steward, attendant

culpon kindling
imposthume pustule abcess
mort death Fr.
harrow row, obstruction
curvet - horse leaps hind legs first
gambade frisk Fr.
slinger - sling user
torse wreath Her.

c37,c38 none

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