Poirot s10: Mews, Waverley, Blackbirds

5* dvd Poirot s10 stars Poirot (David Suchet), his sidekick Captain Hastings (Hugh Fraser), and plodding Inspector Japp (Philip Jackson). My favorite parts are London scenery, city, village, lovely accents (Belgium French basic enough for me despite odd or missed translations in captions - tisane is bilingual for herbal tea), geometric Art Deco (and earlier ornate Nouveau) architecture, costumes - hats (tall, tiny, swooping), gloves (long, short; suede, leather, silk, velvet). Time and place that never were.

The detective portrayal is fussy, prim, effective. Despite being an ideal Poirot (others), Suchet does play other roles, including villains Wiki .Lanky Hastings suites brawn better than comic relief. The TV interpretation condenses trivia to improve plot flow.

1 "Murder in the Mews" Full is a body of a young woman shot, but wiped gun and no suicide note suggest murder. Recently from India, engaged to a cold rising politician, pursued by a shifty possible blackmailer, she was found by her caring photographer flat-mate. An observant youngster offers crucial evidence. Poirot plays golf to tail the grieving girl.

2 "The Adventure of Johnny Waverley" Full is a toddler kidnapped on the stroke of noon, after the husband calls in Poirot, Japp, and backup guardians. Poirot interviews the butler, the builder called in for renovations, makes pertinent observations, and decides to pack for London to exercise his little grey cells.

3 "Four and Twenty Blackbirds" Full refers to a blackberry pudding (British for dessert course) eaten after a heavy starter and entree, thick soup and steak-kidney pie, observed by Poirot, dining with his dentist. The waitress reports the elderly reclusive artist's out-of-character choices and earlier off-schedule weekday appearance. Yet the coroner says Henry Gascoigne ate a light repast.
In the body's pocket is an envelope, seemingly from the evening post. Evidence points to a night-time staircase fall. However, his brother recently died, and their only relative and heir, nephew and actor George, has a weak alibi.

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