Flintstones Viva Rock Vegas 2000 4*

Preview. Goofy actors inhabit plastic and animated setting. At her bridal shower, heiress Wilma Slaghoople (Kristen Johnston) wants to bowl and avoid admirer Chip Rockefeller (Thomas Gibson - TV Chuck villain), senile dad the Colonel (Harvey Korman), and socialite mother Pearl Crawfish (Joan Collins). In the quarry, lonely Fred (Mark Addy with Jersey accent) wants a life-changing event to drop out of the sky. So a green flying-saucer does, 1' green Great Gazoo (Alan Cumming, also Mick Jagged with pretentious Brit accent) floats, observes native dum-dum mating rituals.

Wilma runs away to fast-food BrotoKing, trips into a job and apartment share with new friend waitress Betty O'Shale (Jane Krakowski), and a double date with customers Fred and Barney (Stephen Baldwin with trademark Rubble laugh), speechless in admiration, to the fair next day. When Barney and Betty hit it off, partners switch off, Fred's strength and ballet-style bowling lesson sets the match, awarded prize egg that immediately hatches into puppy dinosaur Dino (trademark yip-yip-yip). Lots of slapstick silliness before true love happy ending.

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