Alvin & the Chipmunks 2 Squeakquel 4*

This Squeakquel pushes loyalty, and to love one another - just the way you are, amid goofy antics and hyper-sopranos from big-eyed cartoon animals in real-life setting.

When accident-prone Alvin (voice Justin Long) sends minder Dave Seville (Jason Lee TV My Name is Earl) to Paris hospital, klutzy cousin Toby Seville (Zachary Levi TV Chuck) is in charge of sending them to high school. Ryan (Kevin Schmidt) and his gang resent the competition for girls, and fool arrogant Alvin away from his brothers, studious Simon (v Matthew Gubler) and tubby Theodore (v Jesse McCartney). Principal (and) fan Dr Rubin (Wendie Malick) asks them to enter a contest and save the school music program, under teacher Julie Ortega (Anjelah Johnson).

Their vengeful ex-agent Ian Hawke (David Cross) tricks girl trio Chipettes Brittany (v Christina Applegate), Eleanor (v Amy Poehler), Jeannette (v Anna Faris) and sends them to the same school. Instant mutual infatuation Chipmunks to Chipettes, Toby to Julie. Fun slips to danger, cage, motorcycle (including safety helmets), helicopter, zoom, vavoom. The finale competition includes real-life performers, singer Charice Pempengco (before Jackie Evancho), but highlight is the six miniscule stars with We are Family. I am a fan.

Previews: Original 1. ChipWrecked 3.

Trivia: Singers uncredited imdb says are Al- Ross Bagdasarian Jr, Si- Steve Vining, Theo- Janice Karman, El- Courtney Galiano, so maybe the others are the same as the speakers?

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