I am Number Four 4*

Trailer. Number Four, like in Book, is teen alien on the run in small-town US. His selfishness costs the life of the one who has cared for him most. Although I like the initial premise, I dislike how the sacrifice is glossed over.

Villainous Mogs destroy planets and chase survivors. Of nine children and guardians, three have been assassinated, others lost their adult companions. John Smith (Alex Pettyfer) falls in love. His "father" (eye-candy Timothy Olyphant) warns that "their kind" are faithful for life. Sweet blonde Sarah Hart (Dianna Agron) is dangerous.

Maybe Sean Connery started my soft spot for accents, the British slips out, and the Australian in "Number Six" (Teresa Palmer) adds dynamite impact in her own stunts. I want to grow up strong like her. The building doesn't really explode and burn in the background, but the effect is smashing, and she does dangle from high later. Perhaps because I already read the plot, I didn't get buried in emotion, fear, sadness or excitement, more admiration for the special effects.

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