Sherlock Holmes and the Baker Street Irregulars 2007 4*

Two members of Sherlock Holmes' (Jonathan Pryce) street urchin gang (Ben Smith, Mia Fernandez) are kidnapped by a vicious murdering Irene (Anna Chancellor). The audience can identify with the apprentices, absorbing forensic techniques pushed forward by Doyle, leading international true crime consultant.

In book, Adler is deviously clever, hotly passionate. Here, why does she learn embalming from scratch, execute perfectly first and only time, so glass eye rolls across hotel room rug? A simple head silhouette would do.

I like this more understated realistic presentation than longtime actor Brett's swoopy tadara extravagance. Downey-Law 2009 explodes with cartoon action, more humor. Cumberbatch TV series updates Doyle. (Also stars Bill Paterson).

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