Captain America 5*

This is funny, even when rough and tough. Excerpt Insane Nazi Schmidt Red Skull (Tolkein elf Elrond Hugo Weaving) finds super energy crystal to power his Hydra weapons (despite old Norwegian guardian (Harry Potter's Filch David Bradley)). Meanwhile, Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) from Brooklyn, shrunk skinny and short via special effects, sweet on brunette beauty British agent Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) makes Captain. Supporters are: German experimenter (Stanley Tucci), whiz inventor Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper), best pal Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan), and skeptic Yank General Phillips (Men in Black's Tommy Lee Jones).

Confuses at first, familiar faces with new accents, makes more sense when watched again, jumps from Arctic burial site uncovered, evil mountain lair lab to enlistment office.

Long legged dancing girls... prisoner rescue escape. Action pow slam bang explosions. Surprising humor... sad loss. Final scene with eye-patched Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) was a shocker, totally unexpected. As was the truly trailing trailer linking to the next film release.

Outfit from comic clown to usable defense and offense, Chris mimes boomeranging vibranium weapon
Assembly of the Avenger Team trailer
Video game trailer
Cartoon trailer for Team

Commentary by director Joe Johnston, cinematographer Shelly Johnson (M), picture editor Jeffrey Ford, unfortunately emphasizes visuals. I don't care that his son and daughter were extras in single scenes. Smoke makes a simple Arctic night is an okay insight. In films now, green screen backgrounds are so commonplace, I didn't even notice so many. Nobody could double Evan's unique run, he was a better gymnast than others brought in, so he did his own; his screen test had included a fight.

When I saw UK Richard Armitage in credits I knew very well as Robin Hood's threatening Guy of Gisborne and MI-5 Spooks' agonized Lucas North in the credits, clean shave, spectacles, a suit, and (better German) accent had hidden him behind the first Hydra agent Fred Clemson/Heinz Kruger who kills professor Erskine. Small bald Nazi lab rat Dr Arnim Zola is UK Toby Jones. UK Dominic Cooper does nebulous Boston east coast accent that fooled me for American.

The potential for melodramatic over-hype could have taken over. The balance of comic/ tragic works. I look forward to more Chris Evans, Hayley Atwell, supporting cast, crew, and Avengers.

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