5* Galaxy Quest 1999

The Galaxy Quest crew (Photo 1) are begged by short frozen-smiling alien Thermians (Photo 2) led by Malthesar (Enrico Colentoni) to save surviving refugees from savage attackers who destroyed their world, now bound for Earth. What if intelligent life out there thought our fantasies were real? What if actors had to save the universe? What if aliens landed at the next nerd Convention? And you were there? How could you help? Preview.

Laughs every single viewing, one of my few purchases, and favorite of Star Trek 2009 creators (from DVD extras Commentary). When Checkov beams Kirk and Sulu off giant drill is homage by Abrams et al to when Captain Jason Nasmith "Commander Peter Quincy" (Tim Allen) beamed away from rock monster by engineer Fred Kwan "Tech Sgt Chen" (Tony Shalhoub).

Tommy Webber "Lt Laredo" (Daryl Mitchell) is the nine-year old boy wonder all grown up (think Wesley Crusher (Will Wheaton), pubescent from ST New Generation on TV "The Big Bang Theory" Highlights, who becomes the nemesis of Sheldon Cooper (bowling, cards), and provokes Sheldon to shout "Wheaton!" like when Kirk yells "Khan!"

Gwen DeMarco "Lt Tawny Madison" (Sigourney Weaver), buxom blonde in low-zip front echoes computer voice "I've only got one job on this ship and I'm going to do it", seductively swooshing when she and Jason climb through the ubiquitous air vents to the obligatory dangers. Alexander Dane (corrugated head Mak'Tar)"Lazarus" (Alan Rickman) is cast beneath his ability, wants only to find a pub. Guy (Sam Rickwell) fears he is the classic red shirt doomed to die .. or is he comic relief? Even Laliani (Missi Pyle), a tentacled Thermian (Guy doesn't want to watch when Fred and Laliani kiss) adds romance and tempts Fred away from Earth.

Hilarity blasts "to infinity and beyond" (astronaut Buzz, Toy Story) lead hilarity skyward. Even convention-bound nerds contribute their technical know-how to the cause, for a twist on the ending. Now I keep an eye everywhere, on 60s repeats and spinoffs for ubiquitous expendable red-shirt crew and duct-crawls. Even found in Doctor Who #9, my intro to an addiction, s1 e2 "End of the World".

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