Sucker Punch 1*

Preview has intriguing stills. Disappointing result is a fake schoolgirl semi-porno with super snazzy effects instead of super-heroines.

Previews of wildly costumed gorgeous girls fighting steampunk monsters, samurais, Nazis, dragons, and aliens gave me the impression of strong warriors battling evil. Maybe a younger Kill Bill (surprisingly funny - 5* but very X-rated)? Instead the outside shell is an overlapping triple story within story with identical casts. Confusing and empty.

Blonde "Baby" in bouncy double ponytails is an heiress framed for murder then committed to an insane asylum, or is she (pretending to be) a new dancer soon to be sold by a brothel? A wrinkly old mentor drops pithy nuggets of pseudo-wisdom before each mission-dance.

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