The Adjustment Bureau 2*

2* for original twist. Preview. Plot builds slow, boring till first fast chase. Clever honorable Dave Norris (Matt Damon) meets entrancing British accent Elise Sellas (Emily Blunt). Imprisoned by big bad guys in black, they run. NY lawyer congressman, frontrunner senatorial candidate headed toward presidency after speech is inspired by chance few minutes and kiss from likewise- promising modern dancer-choreographer. First date sex? The action propels us past doubts, disbelief, trust, six and thirty-six month skips, instant commitment.

Can they attain their ambitious goals together? Suspense pulls us along. Who are the supervising guardians, revealing increasingly greater powers, their Chairman? What do they want? What is their Plan?

Based on short story "Adjustment Team" by Philip K. Dick, expert in twisty scary scifi premises and endings, could be big question destiny v free will, becomes romance trumps resistance. I was more lost in their "normal" than when perceptions shift. American rah-rah genuine politickers (eg TV interviewer Jon Stewart). Boy banter with pal Charlie (Kelly). Giggly first date flirting.

Director Commentary:
Director idolizes NY - I don't. Public Library looks like a public library to me, not a supernatural HQ. Unlike The Tourist featuring Venic,e with side of Paris, this film became less the more I re-watched.

I missed subtleties when finger gesture spills coffee, lines move in book, hard tumble no effect, picture frame adjusted off. Sunbeams are glances from/ of Chairman - who knew? Connections I did not see. British accents coincide Emily Blunt heroine and Terence Stamp as Thompson, heavy villain. Actress had never danced, trained hours; body looked professional, yet still had double.

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