dvd Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

dvd 3* "The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes" 2004 stars Jeremy Brett. The commentary sheds light on the star having only a cameo in The Mazarin Diamond story, bloated from depression meds and heart deterioration, slimming black outfits, and trouble with lines in the Three Gables, where a young diplomat expires of injuries from his lover's bullies; his gran asks why now the household is under attack.
The Dying Detective simulates a tropical fever draws a greedy cousin to confess. The Golden Pince-Nez are left behind, and last words are "she" for likeable secretary to heavy smoking invalid in closed corridors with no escape. "Red Circle" chases a desperate Italian couple, and Watson leads the Black G to cut another throat. Here, the Three Garridebs are involved with the Mazarin Stone, so I'm unsure how they and Three Gables can be separate in Doyle's 1920-7 Casebook. The Cardboard Box is under the Xmas tree of a quarrelsome spinster. So many Sherlock tales have different titles, I remembered this "eary" one An extra is an interview with a Doyle descendant, held in a Foundation in Switzerland, in a room full of real artifacts from the time. Like the film version, but more crowded.

"The law is what we live with. Justice is sometimes harder to achieve."
"What is the object of this circle of misery, violence and fear? ... humanity's great problem for which reason so far has no answer."

Stars: Jeremy Brett

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