Children of Men 3* - Clive Owen

Preview. 3* are all for star Clive Owen, plot too disheartening. I refuse to read book about doomed hero in hopeless dystopia. To see him in action, even smoking, is my only reason to watch. His rugged dependable maleness is more like tough-charming Sean Connery James Bond than wimpy Daniel Craig. Smooth porcelain pale Julianne Moore is hard to peg as a terrorist leader, though maybe as idealist who marries former activist Owen two decades before.

Based on a P.D. James book, obviously from her "our industrialized society is going to hell" phase (I like her mysteries ONLY), the plot spans just three days, full of gunshots, running, pain, and fear, after an initial sad setup. In our near future, we despair, without human births for twenty years. Unhappy British clerk with hip flask whose marriage broke over baby boy's death in pandemic, mopes with reclusive hippie father, who raises and enjoys sharing marijuana, and cares for brain-dead wife.

The behind-in-rent scene is deleted, but gambling kept, reinforcing Owen's money motivation hiring on difficult job. His ex-wife now heads country's terrorists against anti-refugee policy and asks the only man she trusts enough, him, to get pregnant illegal immigrant girl to fabled "Human Project" lab ship safety.

Blatant Holocaust triggers, old people mutter German phrases, incomprehensible gypsy beckons, young coloreds die everywhere, cages, death camps. IRA-like balladeer totes machine-gun amid fusillade. Worse than "cautionary" tale.

Spoiler: Only fake baby girl and teenage-looking African mother survive to see rescue boat, when she promises to name super-easily-newborn after couple's dead son.

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