Hamish Macbeth S1 2* - Robert Carlyle

Salt theft. 2* all for Highland shots. M. C. Beaton's original books are better, but Scotland scenery is worth watching DVD. The lobsters from the third book,"Death of an Outsider" appear in the first Hamish Macbeth DVD episode, otherwise the setting is the main character in the shows.

Disconcertingly, actors, even his dog, are cast way different, adding a non-existent taller sidekick, and passionate Priscilla in clip. DVD Macbeth is small and neat, not tall gangly and red shock-topped. Star Robert Carlyle is better cast as creepy villain Rumpelstiltskin aka Mr Gold, in TV Once Upon a Time.

His dog is tiny fluffy cute white purebred and key in the worst episode, about ghosts, including the pet, instead of the true long lanky loping big yellow mongrel, sensitively smart. Hamish constantly lights homemade cigarettes, whereas book 3 clearly states he gave them up 3 months before, granted, after the first year's 2 murder events, because his crush disapproves.

Even Priscilla, daughter of the manor, proposes dramatically, ending DVD set 1, whereas in the book she is icy cool glacier-eyed porcelain, comfortably affectionate like with all her lifelong village pals. The series does give him other bed-mates, but he should bumble, naively appreciative, not smoothly dismissive of how a female cop progresses her career ambitions.

The curiosity of solving human motivations seems subverted to a soap opera mush. I know my TV has poor quality sound, add that to Highland accents, and louder music masquerading as heightened emotion, I played a lot with the volume control and tried to get the most out of the scenery, never as good in 2D as live, decades-old memories assure me.

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