District 9 4*

Preview. District 9 is a violent slum, grown past a million residents in 20 years. The alien residents must be forcibly evicted and relocated, even if murdered in the process. The officious Johannesburg bureaucrat in charge, Wikus (Sharlto Copley), gets a faceful of aggressive DNA from the tube of fuel a smart scientist has collected to fly home.

Now the controlling arms dealer company, headed by his father-in-law, who have not yet been able to use alien DNA powered weapons, and the Nigerian gangsters who butcher live "prawns" to eat their mojo, all want a flesh piece of the transforming victim. The meaning of humanity gets an flame and bullet packed exploration, started with "what-if" a spaceship hovered months over a South African city, and held a drone-level starving horde. My favorite part of the DVD Extras was visualizing the sound effect man caught rubbing a pumpkin for alien speech. (Rating down one star just for icky value.)

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