The Lightning Thief 4-5*

Preview. Book. If the Lightning Thief is not Percy Jackson, son of sea god Perseus, who is? Some cosmetic differences aside, the DVD plot pares silly humor, to the essentials of the Olympian series by Rick Riordan. Watch into the credits for a smile.

Pierce Bronsan as a strong, but not-white centaur is a better camp director than a sloppy wine god. Superb special effects, monsters, creatures, and realistic swordplay by the godlings make magic. Not-blonde Annabeth's eyes are compelling, despite not being grey. Percy takes his satyr protector Grover (who still eats cans), and appealing valiant Annabeth, daughter of battle-wise Athena, from their wilderness training camp to the underworld.

Ruler Hades wants Zeus's powerful weapon in exchange for Percy's human mom. Percy hopes explaining his innocence will suffice. Senior camper Luke lends winged shoes, an expandable shield, and a map to the three pearls needed to transport the questers home, without warning what protection must be vanquished.

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