Eragon 5*

trailer 5* Eragon film is a conventional interpretation of an unusual book. Brave farmboy Eragon (Edward Speleers) finds glowing blue stone left by beautiful maiden Arya (Sienna Guillory). Finally, movie brothers who look alike, Roran (Chris Egan). Even when I have seen the film before, more than once, I still laugh when the rock hatches into a mischievous dragon Sephora, and cry when old teacher Brom (Jeremy Irons) takes his last ride.

Unfortunately, I am disappointed with extensively traditional ugly villains: red taloned Durza (Robert Carlyle), menacing King Galbatorix (John Malkovich), flat pebble-eyed dragon faces, and white - skin, dress, horse - delicate princess Arya - at least she rides and fights herself. Tiny humans flee vicious monsters through mountains, forests, incredible Hungary vistas, to the final fiery battle, actual not studio or computer sets.

Closing songs, "Keep holding on" by Avril Lavigne struck a chord since I first heard it, and soft "Once in every lifetime" also suit emotional moods. Well chosen and executed.

The 2-disc extras, interviews, start with young author Paolini in his inspirational Montana home. I'd love to fly with them in an Imax theatre. He started Eragon at 15 and signed with a major publisher at 19. Wow. Book review

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