Immortals 1*? - X-rated

Preview shows star looks more appealing than Worthington in Clash of the Titans, but starts with too much violence for me, 22'22" was my limit. The lost bow Eperion, able to kill immortals, wakes the rebel Titan gods confined beneath Mt Tartarus. But the spectacle is just a dream from the virgin oracle. The effects may be special, but I care not.

The Heraklean king, in suitably growling tones, seeks the bow, attacks the monastery, asks for her, burns one priest alive, then threatens another. The monks are forbidden to take a life, even their own, so the second priest cuts off his own tongue (creative). Traitor Lysander offers only a poor village. The king has enough maidens, slaves, and weapons, so he orders punishment.

Lysander's face is sliced symmetrically, in the pattern of the king's scarred visage. A huge mallet is aimed directly to end his particular bloodline. I quit before the scream finished, despite hope and special effects. Bastard hero Theseus' old grandfather lifelong advisor was revealed as Zeus in a swirl of golden cape against grey stone: gloomy dim caves, stark towering cliffs, high enough for dramatic body falls.

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