"Abduction" 4.5* Trailer This is misnamed - normality is taken, not the boy - the normal teenage disconnected feeling gone beyond BAD. Heart pounder. Big guns. Bodies. Flee, somersault, slide, hide, explosions. Scarier and scarier. 18-year old realistic action hero Nathan (Taylor Lautner, werewolf in Twilight series) squints sim(p)meringly at sultry brunette neighbor Karen (Lily Collins), broken off with college creep, partner for high school Gr 12 project on missing kids.

When bully father Kevin (Brit Jason Isaacs - Harry Potter's Lucius Malfoy) pushes him too far in boxing gloves, we see the parental emotional disconnect, but sense the tough preparation is real. Family physical resemblances never synch in entertainment media anyway. With a fishy sidelong glance, psychiatrist (Sigourney Weaver) sidesteps recurring nightmare of woman singing lullaby then attacked. Guess who's projected future lookalike and baby blankie Nate finds on a website? Scary tattooed guy fakes "Marisa" on connect and alerts also scary rich dude in London limo. Boy's chances seem slim when on an ordinary day, he rides motorcycle without helmet, jacket, or leather protection, better learning he has driving license.

I like Sigourney, strong females kicking tough, enjoy everything I've seen her in, from Alien(s) to Holes, so pleased to see her more than once, but not happy with the explosion after. I've always thought first aid and self defense should be required courses at every age level, at least for the self-confidence to scream and fight back using anything to hand. I think the hero tries to smolder, but Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) is my ideal of deep emotion in silence.

The first stunt, wired sitting on the front of a truck at 30mph and claiming 80mph, followed up by a beer (Red Bull in real life) booze-up I dislike, I think it shows foolishness rather than daredevil nature; kids copy. In motorcycle 101, I learned ALWAYS wear helmet, leathers and boots. The many dead agents also deserve, not whiny inner angst blumber, just recognition. I'd prefer those changes; as is, take it for a cartoon caricature, enjoy Taylor`s body, still and in motion.


One of my favorite scenes is mom Mara (Maria Bello 1996 spy Mrs Smith
Mr & Mrs Smith excerpt)
who before smiled at boyish boxing antics, kicks down on two assassins simultaneously, screaming "You can't have my son!". The boy`s echo "Trust has to be earned" is a good memorial. I don`t want the kid to babble in the middle of danger, just go, but hold the camera on her a slow-motion moment out of time, both the parents deserved more. As did the other deaths in the realistic frame this film seems to reach for.

Watching twice makes no sense; improbabilities are impossibilities. Kevin should have taken his clear shot, not dived headlong. I do like to see the kids` reactions, reach for weapons, go for answers. I`d run BEFORE checking the kitchen oven bomb. When fancy limo dude mastermind Kozlow (Michael Nyqvist)strips off shirt to foreign tattoos, he gets scarier, though toupee tickles.

I take it back, second time I kept on watching. "I`m his [pause] - doesn`t matter" is a comic break; but later the girlfriend says "your therapist" - she should not know. I would've kept repeating the address to memorize. Lots not believable here. "Stay" to the girl, like a dog in the woods, without getting lost? I would have kept the gag reel moment where he stumbled - guys are not always right. Cemetery better, when she finds and tracks clue to next destination. How could he use school pals when CIA was on them? Enough, bye-bye.)

Dermot Mulroney deserved listing as Martin Price. Unfortunately I associated his voice with a memory of comedy, Wedding Date. I`d choose a deeper solid, whispier menace, or crisper command, to convey the incredible competence, sincerity, and trust needed for lifelong missing "our best black ops agent". Wedding Date trailer


Hunger Games trailer from Collins book
Mirror Mirror trailer - Julia Roberts
Three Musketeers trailer from Dumas book
Madagascar3 Europe trailer

Special Features:

1 Abduction Chronicle - Taylor narrates role background, training, fun, fun, did I say fun? allowed to ride a car, jump and slide in baseball stadium - on wires. 700 girl fans in Sutterville, town of 600, to shake hands after every night, including forest and soaking river. Sigourney's great line in (real hospital) getaway "I hate balloons" was an improptu adlib. Pro kissing coach slowed their natural enthusiasm, "magical" throwing each other around. In the train fight, his fist did connect. The final "beautiful backdrop of Pittsburgh" seems a stretch.

2 Initiation of an Action Hero - He says he likes to goof around, jump on stuff; he does have fluid grace, vaults smoothly, flips gracefully, powers over bad guys. May the fates give him a future. 2003 age 11, he was a karate world champion.
I like acrobatics without stick
I see girl cheerleader baton twirler, but FAST

3 The Fight for the Truth - The support, ensemble, cast, crew, and experience that helped the youngsters forward. Praise-fest. Effects - Miniature 1/4 size house exploded for real smoke, flame, destruction. They made a point of an open-ended finish, are they pushing for a sequel? The comments about Taylor`s future coincide. I'll watch.

4 Pulled Punches - Gag Reel mostly physical stumbles, giggle fits, some unlikely flubs. I'd keep where he slips in the water. Abduction Gag Reel

What fun I have writing reviews ... Abduction Bonus Blooper

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