Shrek Ever After 5*

5* Bestest Favorite. Preview. On shreklets' first birthday party, Shrek, taunted instead of feared by villagers, succumbs to Rumpelstiltskin (TV Once Upon a Time villain, exchanges forgotten babyhood day for 24 hours, as if he never saved Fiona from Dragon Tower. But day was his birth, so unless he finds exit clause, by sunrise he vanishes. End credits run over homages to previous Shrek films.

Donkey doesn't recognize his best friend. Fiona leads Ogre Resistance warriors. Puss is a tubby ball of fur. Rumpel rules, helped by witches and other old Fairy Talers. Fast fun thrills, chills, and background songs. Fat Puss

Commentary by director Mike Mitchell, Head of Story & Rumple voice Walt Dohrn, Producers Gina Shay & Teresa Cheng
Tiresome name-dropping of animators and story-boarders, but from banter, they all still bet along together. "great place to work" "stellar people". Remind 1 & 2 started same, beautiful book designed by Griselda Sastrawinata (really!). 3D pulls us under horses hooves, later makes Shrek's empty home reverberate, dust particles drift past viewer, for storytelling device not just rollercoaster ride.

Voices double, even triple duty, board artist Cody Cameron is Pinocchio and Three Little Pigs (quintuple duty?). Dreamworks folk have kids same age, identify with parental dilemma. After 10K viewings, they still laugh. They didn't tell kids that ogre baby voices they did were for opposite genders. Cut scene where dragon did try to eat parking valet. Sir Squeakles is the name of little Felicia's squeaky toy. Gina baked the birthday cake in the real world.

"Tech talk": Shrek's face here has 1085 points to express more complicated emotions than 400 in #1. For realistic fighting, asked marriage counselors, who all said not to smash cake, but Shrek does. Chains need every link animated, so witches control prisoner with broomsticks. Mike Myers sings well, goofs for Shrek. Deliberately returned dog moves to Donkey. Eddie improvises lines "Do my babies have paws or hooves?" Myers adlibs "no day after the day after that". For a long time, Jon Hamm's hunky ogre Brogan called Gnimrahc, name Charming reversed cursed. Dancing to flute choreographed for real, shields inspired by Korean fan dance.


1 Spotlight on Shrek
#1 2001 meet Donkey "I'll make waffles" (echoed by bait to trap here), #2 2004 meet Puss, #3 2007 Artie #4 2010
"the quintessial outsider", "represents everyman", moral "you are already beautiful, don't change"
The man behind - redid whole film when Myers redid accent, made ugly lovable
From sketch to screen - long development from scarier beginnings, cross cartoon with theatrical for real
Shrek's journey- all about us, he cleans up his own mess
1 be self, 2 part of family, 3 accept responsibility, 4 mid-life crisis, what if, part of community
International icon - worldwide recognition, big heart inside

Secrets of Shrek Forever After
Secret Talent - voices return, even dead King, newcomers, multiple roles
Did you know - possibilities not done, flautist was son of book author Steiger, lines repeated in later films "if you dare"

Deleted Scenes - Fairy-tale Creatures Attack part test - too scary mean to beloved Shrek, Gingy Attack test sketch version - leprechauns rope down Shrek, Emperor No Clothes test - Rumpel takes crown from naked ruler in exchange for respect "as equal"

From Swamp to Stage: The Making of Shrek the Musical
Cameron Diaz and a lispy fellows advertise the production - screechy, over-exaggerated, totally wrong skinny tall humans in costumes screw up the spirit, Gingy is a marionette with person beside un-ventriloquist in fake wig. Ick. Majorly.

Previews Before:
Megamind voiced by Will Farrell, Brad Pitt, Tina Fey
Kung Fu Panda 2 voiced by Jack Black, here in kitchen cooking noodles, then fighting them
After: Live - Musical; Theatres - Rango -lizard stranger in desert, Panda; Games - Shrek Forever After - 4 players team in 2 settings, Kung Fu Panda World; DVDs - Megamind, 4 Penguin episode collection DVDs, The Last Airbender - acted, not animated, haven't seen, don't want to
Animated episodes have funny moments I liked

Distressing when video links are cut. Updated as of June 2013.

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