Animation Express 0*

26 French/English shorts with subtitles. Sad dull boring and horror. Trailer. Disc1.
1 Madame Tutti Putli - horror, silent girl rides train, organ theft
2 Forming Game - letters shapes music India baby
3 Hungu - patterned aborigines arrow equines, ma cries for baby who ages, skull to instrument at start
4 Rosa Rosa - flickers lovers narrate war baby color normal "life goes on"
5 Rains - railway highrise umbrellas traffic violin clear piano birds

6 Retouches - plunk-notes wiper flakes orange road hand stair paintbrush man lines volleyball lines green
7 Subservience - bleak plain, panting servant rolls red carpet, drinks, violins ballerina 2 carpets contiguous servants sink for binocular wipe, alone high view
8 Spare Change -Montreal "dont talk to me about sunny skies" grey shade outlines bums bum asshole St Peter flame "go to Hell" rock color "do it" amoeba
9 The Spine - codependent counsellor fingers, cowboy Dan (Gordon Pinsent) body parts fall off fuck balloon songbird Mary deflates pink-green spine marriage
10-13 The Man who Slept, How People got Fire, Robes of War, Drux Flux

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