Mickey, Donald & Goofy: The Three Musketeers 5*

Clip mashup, "musketeers". Traditional Disney cartoon musical. Dreams and teams win. Opera background has symphony and song. Stars and bubbles replace injuries.

Banjo-playing turtle narrates in "zee axzong fransay" to prelude stills and recurs. Tall black bass(et) hounds are Royal 17th century French guards. They rescue the street urchin trio, and dog Pluto, to "All for One" song, and gift him souvenir hat. Tones are not the original squeak, squawk, and hillbilly guffaw, but suit slapstick destruction the janitors wreak. Huge peg-leg Captain Pete scoffs their ambition, until Princess Minnie demands bodyguards. Guess who the villain assigns?

I liked the deep threatening-throated Pete (Jim Cummings) better than girly Mickey (Wayne Allwine), but "all for fun is fun for all". Princess Minnie dreams of true love despite skeptical side-kick lady-in-waiting Daisy, whose advice is classic "If you want love, get a dog". Pete plots assassination and coup with Mwahaha cow Clarabelle. My favorite moment might be her surprise romance. Sweet Wings of Love song.

Spoiler with Goofy: Mickey knows team-work wins out. He may be small, but his with friends coward and doofus, he's ten feet tall.

Extras are Language French (better because narrator not annoying faux Francais) or Spanish, games (choose silly singalong song - underpants, homework, cheese), activities ("Hats of Mickey" clips of 9 shorts L-R 1947 Beanstalk, Scrooge, Pauper, '36 Looking Glass, '38 Tailor '40 Fantasia '34 Gulliver '31 Jack & '31 Crusoe), music video boy trio singing "Three is the Magic Number", singalong "Wings of Love", Behind the Scenes, Commentary to scene better than some regular actor and director blather, Deleted slow narration Scenes in pencil-test version

Previews: Home on the Range, Princess Collection, Milan 2-disc (She is a modern step above passive wait-for-rescue gals)

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