Scared Shrekless

I "Scared Shrekless" 5* - First Halloween for kids Felicia, Fargo and Fergus, scare humans to get candy. Shrek declares ogres to be the kings of Halloween. Donkey disagree, proposes contest of scary stories, king last one left. Contest Dare
Shrek leads the guys to Lord Farquad's old haunted castle. Haunted Duloc

1 The Bride of Gingy 4* - On a dark and stormy night, Gingy asks Muffin Man to make a mate, and overloads the sugar quantity "tampering with forces far beyond your comprehension". Bwahaha. (Spoiler: Lightning enlivens girl cookies who wants to stay "together forever", killing Gingy. He said story true, so runs away.) Bride of Gingy

2 Boots Motel - Donkey takes Puss to Motel, and narrates danger to Puss. Mwahaha.
(Spoiler: Puss keeps revising story to nail Donkey. Pinocchio squirts water on Puss, who runs.) Trailer

3 The Shreksorcist 4* - babysits possessed Pinocchio, whose head spins, vomits.
(Spoiler: Jiminy Cricket was the voice in his head. Pinocchio runs.)
... waiting for Farquad's ghost
(Spoiler: Fiona and kids inside suit of armor scare Donkey, who runs, so ogres winners.)

II Thriller 4* - Shrek screams at singing nuns. So, leaving theatre, Donkey starts spontaneous musical outburst others join.
(Spoiler: Corpses rise from graveyard. Hamlyn Piper turns everyone into zombies, forces Shrek into line dancing with the rest to Michael Jackson-ish melody. Shrek wakes from nightmare, performance hasn't started.) Shrek Thriller

III Puss in Boots 5* "These Boots are Made for Walking" - Antonio Banderas in studio, feet move too, takes reality from animated pairs following cat lip-synching. Banderas Boots Walking

IV Previews - same as precede show
Puss in Boots - Antonio Banderas flies split-leg over sharp spire like S5 Dr Who
Kung Fu Panda 2 Po - and Five Dragon Warriors face his "old enemy - stairs"

V Worlds of Dreamworks Animation
1 Shrek - video I'm a Believer, dvd trailer The Whole Story: Shrek, Shrek2, Shrek the Third, Shrek Forever After, Donkey's Xmas Special Shrek I'm a Believer Song Shrek2 trailer Shrek 3 trailer Forever After trailer Shrek Xmas Donkey's Xmas
2 How to train your Dragon - video Fly High, dvd trailer How to train your dragon Dragon Fly High Song
3 Kung Fu Panda - video Kung Fu Fighting, dvd trailer Secrets of the Furious Five, game Kung Fu Panda World Panda KungFu Fighting Song
4 Madagascar - video I Like to Move It, Move It, dvd trailers 4 Penguins: Op DVD, Happy King Julien's Day, New to the Zoo, I was a Penguin Zombie Op DVD trailer Move It Song Julien's Day New to the Zoo Penguin Zombie
5 Megamind - video Megamind, dvd trailers Megamind, Button of Doom Megamind Rap Song (I like Bad to the Bone better) Button of Doom Round1 (picture reversed) Button of Doom Round2

Aron Warner Wolf

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