Cowboys and Aliens

dvd "Cowboys and Aliens" 5* could be "Cowboys, Bandits, Injuns, 'took your form to walk among you Woman', child (Noah Ringer - Last Airbender martial artist, Interview ) and 'Dog' take on Demon Aliens". Enemies cooperate. Daniel Craig aces close-mouthed Jake Lonergan - amnesiac hoarse wanted outlaw who left his gang for a whore and lost her to gold-hungry giant monster invaders (despite iffy 007).

Bam, boom, blood, punch, kick, splat, gunshots, burning skeletons, real explosions falls and pulls at night total believable effects.

One kiss between the bright blue eyed Ella (Olivia Wilde) and Jake before the last suicidal run while gruff racist Colonel Woodrow Dolarhyde (Harrison Ford) saves the Apache chief and the day. Few darkly comic or tender moments - remember only English, break hand to free chain, Doc (Sam Rockwell) who becomes a man, adopted son Nate Colorado (Adam Beach) acknowledged - mostly tough pioneer spirit against the odds. Full of surprises.

Hard grey spaceship in red sandy canyons against green sage brush, and inside 'haunted house' ship set to creepy and galloping score. Spiritual aspect is "good men do bad things and bad men do good things." "God don't care who you were, son, only who you are." Small screen was scary; big screen would be wheeyowww.

Rare show where Claiborne cowboys are acted by three Taylors. Real life relatiives look and walk and talk alike, fictional never do. Dancers include Lariat Geronimo, Freddie Apache, stuntmen Jonathan Crazybull and Gray Wolf Herrara, among others innocuous. Are those stage names or true?


sh for another re-incarnated spirit.)

Finding the story - based on comic book explains the larger than life blowup of kids' bedrooms play
Outer-space icon - scarred slimy icky reptilian, beastly claws and teeth plus out-gunned high tech conquerors, deep-sea insect from space, split long bones so not fake man in suit (like bottom-budget Alien Armageddon)
Scope of the Spectacle - Actors did most of their own riding and high wire pull backflip stunts.

Director Commentary - Jon Favreau (Ron Howard, Steven Spielberg involved)
Like samurai, Jake senses before audience. Traditional costumes and images to sway subconscious. No depending on blue screen, "practical", such as a real heat wave, miniatures, and on the spot gags make the show authentic. Product placement of original 7-11, Southland ice cream cart, best I've seen. Western heros suffer great loss although town celebrates.

• If the aliens hide in the dark, don't see well in the light, why do they whomp us in the bright desert glare?
• Why does Ella run off without bracelet to destroy ship with bracelet, not knowing Jake would follow with the bracelet?
• Why bother with a hummingbird if it couldn't be Ella?

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