True Story of the 3 Little Pigs and Other Stories

"The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs and other stories" are set to music and animated in Weston Woods Scholastic co-production with Russian Federal Agency of Culture and Cinematography. Read-along captions darken blue along the line, like singalong videos. Boring long pre-"trailer". Years vary. YouTube has other versions, girl wimpy but has all pictures. Girl voice but pictures

1 "The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs" by A. Wolf told to Jon Scieszka 1989. Lane Smith draws in color, Paul Giamatti narrates. Wolf tried to borrow a cup of sugar when he had a terrible cold (and jailed, framed by media exaggeration.)

2 "The Pig's Wedding" - from book written and illustrated by Helme Heine 1977. Porker wants guest to clean up before ceremony with Curlytail, and painted on clothes fit perfectly, including accessories, but where is his top hat? (Spoiler: tin can. Song to dance along with happy newlyweds until rain washes off outfits, so they roll in mud. Porker paints them a new home sweet home.)

3 "Henry Builds a Cabin" by D.B. Johnson 2000 - Only the bear's arms hammer up and down on some stills, then butterflies flap in the last. In months following April, friends arrive and criticize size, light. (When the rain falls, the house shows as hat-size.) Next narrator James Naughton describes Massachussetts author Henry David Thoreau, who also moved in on July 4th ... 1845, and wrote "Walden" over two years, to glorify minimalistic lifestyles.

4 "Wallace's Lists" by Barbara Bottner & Gerald Kruglik, illustrated by Olof Landström 2004 - Grownup lonely bespectabled mouse has many lists, but following them causes him to miss out on happiness until Albert moves into next door apartment. (Rodent "Odd Couple" have airport and Park Ave adventure.)

5 "The House that Jack Built" by Simms Taback 2002 to Russian tune, has cheese, rat, cat, dog I knew, (plus unremembered kicked by cow with crumpled horn milked by maiden forlorn married man tattered and torn by judge shaved and shorn waked by rooster in the morn, red hen, farmer with corn, artist, first published 1700s, based on earlier Hebrew childs' rhyme

2008 Interview with Jon and Lane who met via wives and hum along with theme. Twenty years ago, Jon had Grade 2 students to test on, five brothers, both liked cartoons and funny stuff. James Marshall did straight story with funny pictures; they wanted to do spoof spinoffs. Cheeseburger has bunny ears, rat-tail, special sauce. Following interviews are too long for me, different than dvd, but don't they look like brothers at first glance? just Jon just Lane

Talk About the Stories - factual recall 2-3 questions per story, white text on blue flash-cards

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