Penguins of Madagascar: Operation DVD

dvd "Penguins of Madagascar: Operation DVD" Dreamworks animation. In the NY Central Park Zoo, animated plump penguins tallest brainy Kowalski, babbling bomber Rico, leader Skipper and shortest cute Brit-accent telly-lover Private act cute and cuddly in public, but the elite commando force performs dangerous save the world exploits. Voices express character perfectly in synch with the brilliant brave beaky "Boys". Finally, animals that do not need big eyes for appeal.

1 Dr Blowhole's Revenge - Amid unbelieving zoo animals, porpoise and chrome claw mutation and lobster army kidnap Sipper's BFF vain bombastic booty-swiveller King Julien, so littlest lemur Mort rides to their rescue on the subway to Cony Island. Full Episode.

2 Truth Ache - After a week Operation Big Sneaky, and an accidental dose of truth serum hidden in their hot sauce bottle, regretful Private blabs zoo residents most embarrassing secrets. Full.

3 Command Crisis - "The big one" is coming at 4 pm, but unmetrical skipper buried plans in site to be bulldozed, and got zapped into persona of air-head "Live at Five" TV anchorman Chuck Charles. How will team perform without him? Full.

4 Go Fish - cuteness factor irresistability reading tail wags rewarded by dry soy crackers but Julien leads lemurs, aide chunky Maurice and royal foot grabber tiny "sad eyes" Mort to switch the fresh fish supply trucks and keep fumeless. Full.

5 Roomies - Kowalski doesn't know what his new invention does, but the coincidenatal arrival of optimistic otter Marlene's new room-mate rude selfish slob walrus Rhonda triggers Skipper's suspicion that Blowhole has inserted an undercover informant. Clip.Full.

6 Needle Point - Skipper fears doctor shots so much he fights the others so Alice won't order their evacuation. Private offers to take his place, endangering his own health. Full.

7 Launch Time - To escape greedy Julien, Skipper leads team on vacation to the "moon" (nearby skyscraper roof) where a hungry moon-cat offers hospitality. Full.

8 All Choked Up - Zoo-keeper Alice, fed up with foolish visitor questions, installs robot guide, but team sees it as fore-runner to their own replacement by mechanisms. When she sees Rico regurgitating weapons for the assault as usual, she medicates him with time-bomb still ticking inside. Full.

9 The Hidden - Training to fight without sight, over-thinker Kowalski fails until everyone else vanishes hooked away by long pink sticky visiting new neighbors in the dark Reptile House (spoiler: partying chameleons). Full

10 Tangled in the Web - Despite Skipper orders to stand still and strong, new webcams for internet popularity votes find Private skateboarding, then acrobatics knock cameras onto Alice dancing in her laundry room. Full.

Special Features:

1 Previews: video games, How to Train Your Dragon 3D, Madagascar & Madagascar 2 Escape to Africa DVDs, Shrek Forever After: The Final Chapter, The Penguins of Madagascar, FanBoy & ChumChum, SpongeBob SquarePants DVD Collection

2 Game (Do not need to enter code "doctor" to unlock Devious Dr Blowhole game at

3 DreamWorks Animation Video Jukebox of 6 songs
Kung Fu Panda, Kung Fu Fighting, Bee Movie "Here Comes the Sun"
Shrek "I'm a Believer"
Over the Hedge "Rockin' the Suburbs"
Madagascar "Move It"

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