Heavenly Creatures

1* "Heavenly Creatures" 1994 are two fantasizing teen girls deeply in love. Trailer Unwatchable horror too-perfectly-detailed clay people enlarge to life-size, dance, sword-stab. Good only for cautionary tale how apparently normal public person can have horrible past.

1953 diary of Pauline Yvonne Rieper (common-law, legally mother still née Parker) b.1938 14 (Melanie Lynskey b.1977 17) relates tragic results of intense love affair with new schoolmate Juliet Holme (few months younger) classmate (Kate Winslet b.1975 19) in Christchurch New Zealand. Knowing the ending of the film Titanic, curiosity asks why and how.

Mystery writer Agatha Christie's autobiography hides her 11 day unexplained disappearance after her first husband Archie demanded divorce. Similarly, Victorian mystery writer Anne Perry's history hides a murder, 45 vicious head blows from a brick in a stocking, vastly terrifyingly different in reality than fiction. Wiki

Although actresses' debuts, their adult ages are not believable as children, except Lynskey pouts like real angry 11 year old. Called Yvonne by her parents, "Paul" by Juliet, persona "Charles" wrote passionately to "Deborah". Former sulked behind a curtain of dark curls, wore plain, shapeless outfits bulked blocky, masculine; latter wrapped sinously in tight silky low-cut soft-color dresses outlined womanly curves. Too stereotyped butch dyke. The pair romanticized childhood illnesses osteomyelitis and tuberculosis, worshipped film stars as saints, and intended to flee to Hollywood rather than be separated by parental needs. Mr Hulme lost his job as Rector of Canterbury and wife to lodger Walter Perry, later step-father attributed with suggesting writing about Jack the Ripper.

When Rieper lodger caught in Pauline's bed, her silence, then writing "masterful" in her journal seem penny-dreadful quotations fibs.
At the onset of puberty, how the emotion of "love" can trigger brain chemicals into cold-blooded murder, no farther, is astonishing. Murder
Like TV "Final Witness" episode, where 16 year old daughter, angry at parents requiring supervision so her dates do not degenerate into drunken orgies, plans in detail how boyfriend shoots and slices to death her church-going family of four, burns their house, yet takes no thought to what may happen after. Brrr.

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