Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol 4*

Preview. Fights, explosions, foot chases, car chases, falling, injuries, high-tech gadgets fail. Instead of depending on impossible fake face masks and imitative voice-boxes, his stick-to-the-glass-window-of-the-highest-skyscraper special glove zizzes (no mis-spell) out, and the trio (who have secrets and hidden agendas from each other) depend on plain ordinary courage and fibs. I watched in bits - advise continuous view, interruptions spoil buildup of tension and momentum of increasing troubles.

Pretty girls more tough than skin exposed in more skimpy outfits than traditional male suits - plus points. She wears the obligatory skin-tight dress, low-cut, but long, and instead of kisses the villain gets .. . no spoilers here, so no more details ...

Like James Bond, Mission Impossible is exotic locals, spiffy gadgets, pinch humor, afore-mentioned adrenaline action, and America rules. Viewers know what we want, and the films deliver, so maybe should be 5*. But lead Tom Cruise just isn't one of my favorite actors anymore; Simon Pegg seems narrowly restricted to comic relief; Paula Patton is basically eye candy.

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