Review: The Untamed Bride

The Untamed Bride
The Untamed Bride by Stephanie Laurens

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"The Untamed Bride" (Black Cobra 1/4) by Stephanie Laurens starts (March 1822) a new series about corrupt English aristocrats (funding Regency King George) who pillage villages in India. When the youngest of a group of elite Guard "soliders" (typo p11) is typically tortured and killed finding incriminating papers sealed with the villains' unique family ring, the remaining quartet split up with copies and head for home and Cynster support. A beguiling female entangles each in passion. First, Deliah sees the evil aide shoot at Del. Kisses ("Finding.") lead to "shattered" in flowing explicit detail. I'm sure Major Hamilton and Emily Ensworth will hit the heights equally in sequel. When I read summaries, I usually remember. In "Temptation and Surrender", manor Lord Jonas hires Emily (Beauregard), on obviously identically penned references, when he falls for her smile, to run the local inn, with her step-siblings in tow. Excellent 50ish page supplement universe includes more Barnaby Adair cases I couldn't find before.

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