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Changes by Mercedes Lackey

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"Changes" (Collegium 3) by Mercedes Lackey. Mags' retained rube accent, his Mind-speak to better-than-horse, interfering reminiscences, and nasty fathers of healer Bear and Bard Lena, are less annoying than before, especially when a more pro batch of assassins are back after him and his crush, crippled Amily. Sample p51 "Be careful what ye ast fer, yer like t'get it, an' in the wust possible way."
Classic morals sneak in, to appreciate your lot, "even he, miserable creature that he had been, was able to see the breathtaking beauty in a summer morning. Now he was well-fed, healthy,, and - yes- happy."p53
Being a sometimes night-owl, I like "if people who lie abed late have any idea what they are missing ... they'd jest say 'tis same as sunset. On'y i' th' East." p53-4 "Hope for the best, expect nothing." p83 "'Tis all askin' th' right questions. Then makin' sure when ye ask 'em, there's plenty of people ... used to thinking." p113 "Change is painful." p265 "Who am I? ... Who do you want to be?" p267
Typo "You did will tonight." p185 should by "well".

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