Review: The Truth About Love

The Truth About Love
The Truth About Love by Stephanie Laurens

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"The Truth About Love" (Cynsters, Barnaby 1) by Stephanie Laurens. "In the heat of the night, they'd burned. Soared. Shattered." Lots of exposure before the murderer's identity.
Deeply serious artists with seriously deep pockets, Lord Gerrard (landscapes) must paint Lady Jacqueline (embroidery) to prove true innocence in her mother's fatal fall into the sinister Gothic Garden of Night. Mutually entranced by deep eyes-endowments-charms-neckline, breath-stops betray their first-glance L-word. I languish in lush multi-syllable language depicting rich old aristocratic Britain. Bon mots may not be original "What will be will be" p375, are catchy, "such as I don't follow fashion ... We set it" p67. Pal Barnaby, curious about crimes, convinces me to stay the distance, despite others' sardonic "indeed" that incongruously reminds me of Stargate's sober Tealc. Strong brave men are comfort, protect passive women vessels. (I rate tough funny females higher; sadly identify more with weaklings. For the younger naive girl to not think of marriage first seems foolish, not forceful.) The disclosure hostage rescue finale reveals warped crazy deviant villains.
Huntress Greek Artemis is Roman Diana, Athena is also a virgin (protector), so three separate gardens seem redundant. If Gerrard's ominous dream is ignored anyway p11, couldn't an editor have cut the portent?)

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