Review: Dealing with Dragons

Dealing with Dragons
Dealing with Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede

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"Dealing with Dragons" (Enchanted Forest Chronicles 1) by Patricia Wrede begins a sweet 5* series; I already smiled my way through the rest. This gem may be my favorite, a cherry among bittersweetest chocolates, because the silliness never falls overboard, just tickles my funnybone. Along the lines of Mercedes Lackey's Five Hundred Kingdoms, Princess Cimorene rebels against Tradition. Her parents stopped her beloved lessons: fencing, cooking, Classics, any intellectual or physically improving learning. So she ran away.
TO the dragons. Luckily, she knew just enough for Kazul; to sort and catalog her Latin scrolls, library and treasures; to supplement a guest banquet from the borrowed Horn of Plenty with Cherries Jubilee.
Fatalities are simple, quick - wizard eaten, dragon King poisoned - without superfluous violence or gore. Dragons are human-ish (good may succumb to temptation), wizards bad, and royals can be more than decoration. Alternative use for lemony washwater: Banzai! She makes friends: another princess and witch Morwen with many cats. She cleverly outwits a jinn, and conspiring enemies. Her happy ending is better than marriage, for her.)

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