Review: Calling on Dragons

Calling on Dragons
Calling on Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

*** (docked for the exasperating donkey) "Calling on Dragons" (5* Enchanted Forest 3) by Patricia Wrede follows the search for the source of the Forest's power, the King's magic sword, stolen by evil wizards. As usual, the names are too long and strange for me. Young (20ish) friends from the series team up: the newly pregnant Queen, the lecturing magician, the pretty witch, her talking cats, the female King of Dragons, plus new members, irritable fire-witch brother to Rachel (aka Rapunzel), and a too-annoying whiny giant winged blue donkey (formerly white rabbit), whom I dislike. Hints of familiar fairy tales reincarnate amusingly, but the true ending is in the next book I luckily already read.

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