Review: Thank You, Jeeves

Thank You, Jeeves
Thank You, Jeeves by P.G. Wodehouse

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"Thank you, Jeeves" by PG Wodehouse, is flash aristo Wooster's reply when his fish-fed-brained valet returns to the fold after they happily engage his land-rich pal to American heiress. The un-neighborly reception for his banjolele enthusiasm instigates another 30s silly country rustication escapade with crisp spot-on repartee.
Scamp Seabury imitates gangster movies, and extorts shillings for protection. Brinkley, drunk agency replacement valet, burns down cottages. Dogged country policemen roust Bertie out of his makeshift dosses when lovesick ex Pauline swims for her new crush Chuffy from her pop's big yacht.
Blackening faces in imitation of jazz minstrels was not then so politically incorrect. Mastery of flapper-era slang, proper high English, literary quotations, all so correct. Moral is the original French usage now spelled morale p241. (Library Binding ISBN 3 2441 15948028 2, Hardcover 312p, Pub McLelland & Stewart, Toronto 1934)

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