Review: Inkspell

Inkspell by Cornelia Funke

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Funke has no compunction over killing; adding another pet marten provides small (really) relief. Different names in our regular time and theirs may be easier in the German original; I finally get both. The teens exchange more kisses, otherwise little character change; mostly we're pushed around in the scary fantasy place, and home England.
We left present-day old Inkweaver Fenaglio trapped in the terrible magical medieval world he wrote. Resa, missing years, now voiceless, is back with husband bookbinder Mo Silvertongue (or is he Bluejay, like Robin Hood?), now not reading aloud. But too-rebellious daughter Meggie reads herself back into the world of death and danger, along with her crush, Arabian Nights Farid, admiring apprentice of fire-wielder Dustfinger (supporting and lead characters for this episode). When surviving villains, gloating knife-wielder Basta and poisonous wizened Mortola find callow self-named Orpheus aka Cheeseface has the reading magic of Mo and Meggie, and align with tyrant Adderhead, massacres escalate. Darius Stumbletongue and great-aunt Elinor whine, complain, frustrated, helpless, negative influence on the desperate situation. We get entranced by people, only to lose them. Turning pages for an end leads only to a cliff. #3 Inkdeath must be final.

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