Doctor Who: Aliens And EnemiesDoctor Who: Aliens And Enemies by Justin Richards
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David Tennant #10 & Rose are on the cover, but we go back to the first Doctor. Oriented to child reader or aficianado, including minor character names, yet missing actors, photos of mentioned companions sent me internet searching for original footage. For example, in Fury From the Deep, the Seaweed Creature infects Oak & Quill, who "infect Harris", but who's he? Who's Jo, late Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart/ actor Nicholas Courtney? What's the 'spectacular today' Jagaroth ship explosion?
I found unexpected similarities with the last two Doctors' adventures I knew, and those before, whether unconsciously or in homage. Both Cassandra and Sil must be moisturized, time skips & cracks. Always Running.
Design details about special effects, machines, scenic (prop), costumes, makeup. New Earth catlike nurse nuns and their infected cloned human experiments had to adjusted to evoke sympathy and friendship than terrify or disgust. Some aliens appear past and present; changes are detailed.
Here's some links I found, some I had to pause for upload to catch up: memoriam another Brigadier Memoriam Jagaroth vs Neighbor Upstairs CA#end mislabelled #7 Jagaroth Explosion

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