R.E.D "Retired Extremely Dangerous" 5*

Preview. Retired Extremely Dangerous CIA assassins are targeted by CIA. Against Willis (Die Hard 1-5+), Freeman (film Wanted Fraternity leader), Malkovich, Mirren (part Russian), Brian Cox (says Helen's love interest 1974 TV) as retired KGB, not even villain Richard Dreyfuss has a chance.
Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren

A bit of quiet chat, then bang-up action scenes, blood, death, lots of tongue in cheek fun. That barely out of diapers Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker) would fall for bald senior stretches credibility too far despite her romantic love of adventure and danger and his gooey inside being both clearly delineated. I get so tired of useless whiny females, at least the older trained one holds up (although she does need male rescue).

Commentary by an ex-insider says CIA wouldn't use draw guns or be overtly in charge on US FBI territory, but do have greater training in explosives, ambushes, and moving targets. DVD extras expose LSD abuse, and similar agency crimes patterned in the film. .

0* for #2 sequel = big yawn, forced ten minutes. Since local library volunteer service forbids shut-ins to borrow DVDs, had to stretch morals, find on internet. Sound track from theatre audience snickers are desperately weak. #2 is not funny, not silly, just boring, predictable. Willis's sweety Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker) even more useless this time around, cannot handle loaded gun, despite warning stares straight at villain the Frog (David Thewlis - Remus Lupin in Harry Potter), jealous of supposedly Russian Miranda (Catherine Zeta-Jones). Could not push past 1/2 hour. Add to #1 same cast yields nought. Already knew casting can ruin anything, now know casting cannot save anything.

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