Pirates Of The Caribbean 4 Stranger Tides 5*

Preview shows film is as action packed as previous titles in series, plus inexplicable supernatural, a mermaid tear for a ritual at the Fountain of Youth.

Captain Jack (Johnny Depp) heads for a hanging ... or does he? Daring as usual, he jumps from windows, flags, carriages, an exploding tower, with unusual compassion. Since he always runs from the girl (Penelope Cruz), daughter of Blackbeard (Ian McShane) or Captain Teach (Keith Richards), a sweet sub-plot romance develops between unlikely characters.

Who does Captain Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush) work for? King George (Richard Griffiths), the Spanish - so many competitors on the same course. Many sword fights, beaches glaring white or misty haunted, overgrown jungle, brightest day, darkest night, high palace, low tavern, London, Mexico - round the world we go. Did I mention mermaids?

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