Review: Dragons Wild

Dragons Wild
Dragons Wild by Robert Lynn Asprin

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Asprin starts a new series I will not finish. Much flat exposition setup, no trademark humor. I want an opening that grabs me by the throat, makes me care and be curious about who and where. Here, rich lazy teen fumes, flees, shops, sleeps. Conspiracy of dragons dark, no hints glimmer.
Griff, new Chicago business grad, majored in cards, won sportscar (interest or research topic of author?). His guardian uncle discloses pure-bred dragon abilities burgeon, powerful groups are concerned, females are erratic, only for breeding. Oriental live-in gal Mai knows about dragons, but moves out. Sister Val says let's leave. Poker pal Jerome says come to New Orleans, meet my gang. When two trucks try to run Griff off the road, he angrily retaliates.
After 13 chapters, still skeptical, he is awash in the Quarter ambience, shops for silk to replace denim, and goes home with a cute girl. "They never did get around to watching a movie."
I skipped ahead.
A bad guy is known for his knife. Griff gets scales, wants to watch a movie, survives a truck crushing his car. Chapter 41, he dreams, never a necessity for my choice of reading. Skipped to end. Mai returns, calms Val from shotgun revenge, insists dragons plan. Yawn.

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