X-Men First Class 1-2* X-rated

Preview. Confusingly cuts around the world, excessively violent. Male costumes fully cover up, females' are bare and tight. In 1944 Holocaust camp, Nazi Schmidt aka Shaw (Kevin Bacon) murders mother of Jewish Erik Lensherr (Michael Fassbender) to provoke telekinesis, and gives boy coin that expands and becomes title. In NY kitchen, rich boy Charles Xavier (James McAvoy - I keep seeing him learn assassin trade from mentor Angelina Jolie in amazing Wanted) offers food and home to hungry blue shape-shifter Raven/ Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence). Shaw kills mama, gives Erik coin that expands to title.

In 1962, Erik follows Shaw from Geneva to Argentina, "Frankenstein's monster looking for his creator". Charles saves Erik from sacrificing self; Erik covinces Charles the Cerebrus helmet that finds other mutants, although created by CIA's Hank/ Beast (Nicholas Hoult) - nerd with crush on Raven, can help the duo recruit without official interference. Shaw stays young by absorbing energy, picks up his own telepath Emma Frost (January Jones) flaunting skin, polar hideout, and aligns with Russians who make helmet that blocks mind-reading.

Explosions and violent murders by the bad guys versus tying up and running by good guys escalate to the confrontation Cuban missile crisis and exploding ships. Charles demonstrates ability to change individual commands, why does he not stop the missile orders? The finale makes even less sense than previous side-swapping. The rest of the team have characters about as deeply developed as the Hugh Jackman cameo, where he brushes off Erik and Charles. Attempt to humanize motives, balance fails, Charles = white, others = black.

Extras: Making of = staff interview talking heads to stills. Dull.

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