From These Ashes: complete Fredric Brown 5*

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"From these Ashes: The Complete Short SF of Fredric Brown" include mystery, humor, all 111 tales 1941-65, from life 1906-72. Longer consideration percolates ratings up, even to 5*. My 4* personal preference for happy twists to his superb surprise endings punishes the messenger author for his clear sight into the basic cruelty of human nature. True U.S. history (nigger murder #35, fear of nuclear disaster #25,27,32,38,41,59 ...), olden days of heavy smoking and drinking, typesetters and typewriters, are not time travel. Many slip past my understanding at first, such as Runaround #5 with hidden lesson: running away can conquer the biggest baddest monster. Others stay incomprehensible 23 57 64 67-9 94 96. Faves: #1 Armageddon, 24 Crisis 1999, 32 Honeymoon in Hell, 42 The Gamblers. In the title, SF seems a restrictive outmoded inaccurate term. All works.

1. Armageddon - Little Herbie Westerman, Safety Cadet, ready with five-and-dime water pistol when Bijou Theatre's Gerber the Great heats up.
4* (Spoiler: Pa punishes for Holy Water that zapped Satan.)

2. Not Yet the End - Cruel Kandor aliens test intelligence of sample 5-fingered Earth bipeds for mine slaves.
3* (Spoiler: News editor rejects story of vanished monkeys.)

3. Etaoin Shrdlu - Animated linotype, created by nameless Little Guy With The Pimple LGWTP drives newspaper setter mad, until retired narrator Walter teaches it philosophy.
2* (Like Buddha contemplating his pimple, Etaoin stops moving.)

4. Star Mouse - Small grey mouse Mitkey sent in moon rocket by small grey Viennese Herr Professor Oberburger in Connecticut.
2* (Prxl asteroid inhabitants raise rodent's intelligence, but electricity around Minnie's trap zaps smarts away.)

5. Runaround - Smaller life constantly flees last Tyrannosaurus Rex, starving over a century.
1->5* (He lies down and dies. Moral: Running away can conquer biggest baddest monster.)

6. The New One - In WW2, Valhalla of saints, heroes and gods, need new idol for patriotic Wally to battle demon-encouraged pyromania.
2* (Uncle Sam saves him.)

7. The Angelic Angleworm - Charlie, typesetter with coin hobby, misses his wedding after strange events: an angel-worm, sunburn when angry, ether, duck replaces silver Chinese coin in exhibit, lei on golf course, and Rumanian copper coin in lye box is final clue.
2* (Slipped from Heveen, Heaven's Head Compositor fixes "e" typos: angle-worm, heat for hate, ether for there, teal for tael coin, lei for golf ball lie, and ley coin for lye - returns Charlie in time for honeymoon.)

8. The Hat Trick - After a horror movie double date, Bob teases Walter into pulling a rat demon from a hat.
1* (In denial, Bob refuses Walter's book about aliens passing as humans.)

9. The Geezenstacks - Sam Walters fears odd wax doll family predicts his own family actions, so wife Edith gives them to witchy woman.
2* (Wife screams when sights face of cab driver speeding them away.)

10. Daymare - Lt Rod Caquer's first murder on Calisto has 5 different demises reported for Deem. That night, everyone arms, sleepwalks, returns to bed. Another Deem dies, then arrives as an off-planet investigator.
2* (One invention, goggles with wiper blades, blocks another, a mass hypnosis helmet.)
Ever failed to reconcile friends' discordant accounts? I have.

11.Paradox Lost - During boring 1963 lecture, student Shorty McCabe follows a vanished buzzing bluebottle fly into a time bubble with crazy quasi-philosophical conversation, while 1968 prof in same classroom asks out cute red-head.
1* (McCabe becomes prof so he can propose invite.)

12. And the Gods Laughed - On Ganymede, alien parasites animate dead humans via gold (ear)rings, says tall tale from last visitor, narrator Hank, on ship to Earth.
3* (Alien Hank reports Earthlings fooled by true tale; invasion on schedule.)

13. Nothing Sirius - New-found planet in erratic Sirius orbit named by narrator Captain, inhabited by old carny pal, luscious movie star ideal of rigid young pilot, and cockroaches.
3* (Carny dead, cockroaches' mental projection; planet hides again.)

14. The Yehudi Principle - Pal Charlie demonstrates headband invention, for narrator trying to write story; he blurs while (explained by imaginary Yehudi) obeying command super-fast.
2* (After writing this story, real Yehudi obeys "shoot me".)

15. Arena - Scoutship pilot Bob Carson, part of Earth armada ready against invading unseen Outsiders, wakes naked under hot dome of blue sand, separated from red box-shape alien by super-Entity created force-field. Unlike original Star Trek version.
2* (Carson knocks self unconscious to pass force-field, wakes healed by supervising Entity who killed alien armada, forever unable to reveal his role.)

16. The Waveries - (Meandering but thoughtful moral. What if our century computer world had to backtrack?) Alien sort of radio waves consume electricity and revert 1950s technology and lifestyle.
4* (Back to healthy, clean, air, land, bikes, horses, people entertain selves.)

17. Murder in Ten Easy Lessons - LRD Little Red Devil follows career of teen delinquent Stinky to mob trainee Duke Evans.
1* (Last lesson is personal; Evans in Hell.)

18. Pi in the Sky - Various eccentrics see 468 brightest stars appear to move.
1* (Wealthy recluse Sniveley invents electric projector for soap ad.)

19. Placet is a Crazy Place - For 6/24 hours, hallucinations disrupt work, so narrator chief tells helper to transmit "I quit" next message, until entrancing Michelina "Mike" Witt, new secretary, asks they hire her brother Ichabod.
3* (All problems solved;"Ike Witt" was reply to "Who do you want to hire?" radiotype.)

20. Knock - The last man on Earth, mild middle-aged Walter, explains concepts of affection, mates, and death to Zans, invading long-lived zoo-keepers.
2* (Walter cuddles bunny; rattlesnake poisonings scare Zans off; he awaits last woman.)

21. All Good Bems - Five 5-sex alien minds possess animals, starting with Rex, dog of writer Elmo Scott and wife "Toots" Dorothy.
2* (Microscopic aliens build new ship, lift writing block, erase memories.)

22. Mouse - Bill Wheeler and Siamese cat watch spaceship descend, see just-dead mouse-like rodent inside. Assassinations, chaos, ensue.
2* (Cat says "forget it" and Bill loses suspicion of alien possession and invasion.)

23. Come and Go Mad - Reporter Vines, secretly harboring memories of Napoleon after car accident three years ago, goes undercover in insane asylum, for real.
1* (Real Napoleon was revived in dead body, pawn in super-intelligences red v black game.)

24. Crisis 1999 - Under alias Bela Joad, futuristic undercover detective seeks vanished criminologist Chappel and, for Chicago police chief Dyer Rand, why underworld bigwigs beat lie-detectors and go free.
4* (Chappel hypnotizes them so they are no longer criminals, and crime vanishes.)

25. Letter to a Phoenix - Human mutated to age ten years in ten thousand philosophizes on why mankind will survive.
2* (1950s feared atomic war, wanted hope.)

26. Vengeance Fleet - Admiral of combined Earth and Mars spaceships send armada against whoever destroyed Venus settlement.
3* (Fleet circled back ten years and tragically unknowingly hit first inhabited planet, Venus.)

27. The Last Train - Eliot Haig, checks blue sky, constantly drinks and says he'll take the train and leave his old life behind, finally goes to station.
2* (Sky turns pink, he misses last train EVER.)

28. Entity Trap - Superior mind trapped in dying white Yankee bigot starts to take over world in order to commit genocide.
1* (Other minds free him, leave skull behind.)

29. Obedience - Lt Don Ross volunteers to trap tiny invading spaceships remaining.
3* (He dies flying to far galaxy, so last race survivors can piggyback past blockade and survive.)

30. The Frownzly Florgels - Diverse aliens congregate to cavort with lots of weird words.
1* (Response to challenge illustration.)

31. The Last Martian - Reporter convinces mind of survivor Yargan Dal to act normal as if belongs in factory book-keeper Earthman Howard Wilcox's body.
3* (Institutionalized imbecile on Mars (average Earther intelligence) pressed right button to follow other Martian minds surviving hidden on earth, who will conspire to keep secret.)

32. Honeymoon in Hell - When male Earth births drop drastically at cold war peak, U.S. central computer Junior posits extra-terrestrial ray, and advises astronaut Carmody to wed lovely Russian cosmonaut Anna and test on moon crater called Hell. Captured and separated by aliens, they escape and warn governments, who ally.
4* (Central computers admit to couple they co-operated to hypnotically suggest imaginary imprisonment, thereby save human race.)

33. Mitkey Rides Again - Professor Oberburger's grey mouse, Mitkey, regains his Prxl intelligence, but evil Whitey sends him to the moon and starts building an empire.
3* (Minnie decides they were happier with regular level brains, after Mitkey saves the day.)

34. Six-Legged Svengali - Near extinct Venusian mud turtle zaps seekers with amnesia about search, but narrator Rod can marry Dixie, daughter of expedition leader, when he captures the elusive quarry.
3* (Rod captures turtle and marries, but opens trap, forgets why, so member of dwindling species escapes.)

35. Dark Interlude - Student volunteer Jan Obreen goes back 4 centuries to find why Dark Ages from early 20th, naively loves and marries under alias John O'Brien.
2* (New brother-in-law narrating to Sheriff, both agree to cover-up murder after Jan admitted to part nigger blood because races intermingle in future.)

36. Man of Distinction - Dar aliens test sample resident, severe drunkard illogical Hanley for Earth suitability as slave world.
3* (Take "speciman" back for zoo, make immortal, so leave Earth free.)

37. The Switcheroo - Obnoxious news editor sends narrator reporter Jake Price, to interview inventor Tarkington Perkins, hounded by similarly repellent wife. Tark imagines exchanging minds with Governor, body later arrested claiming he is governor.
(Jake switches with President to catch Tark, lastly switches editor with Tark.)

38. The Weapon - Mild Mr Niemand warns scientist Dr Graham, at home with mentally deficient son, how dangerous is the weapon he constructs.
3* (After dismissing visitor, Graham shakingly takes guest's gift from boy, and "thought only a madman would give a loaded revolver to an idiot.")

39. Cartoonist - Bill Carrigan's fading career revitalizes when alien Emporer transports him to his planet.
3* (Bill, surgically altered to alien appearance, finds wealth, female, appreciation, purpose, and decides to stay.)

40. The Dome - After Boston destroyed in atomic explosion, scientist Kyle Braden, now 67, his proposal rejected by secretary so alone 30 years, decides to lower shield, not die alone.
4* (Alien atomic-powered ship crashed by mistake, others brought eternal youth (process only works if under 50), peace, galactic union, star travel and settlements, a multitude of benefits; Kyle returns discouraged to Dome.)

41. A Word from Our Sponsor - On the brink of war, 8:30 pm 9 June 1954, varied by time zones, a simultaneous broadcast "a word ..." and response "fight" seem addressed to each individual listening.
2* (For reasons varied by audience, all listed, everyone refuses "command".)

42. The Gamblers - Nauseated delerious ill narrator Bob rambles: when dropped off for 39-day shift on moon, he teaches poker to three mind-reading alien scouts researching for invasion, and convinces them to leave him supplies, but they give him 1/1000 chance: exactly enough food and water, but one of the 13 3-day oxygen cylinders also has enough fatal poison to kill 10 men.
4* (Bob survives to warn Earth by mixing all 13 tanks at the start, and portioning rations.)

43. The Hatchetman - Matt Anders, who takes blame for tough decisions of Earth president, stays aware when psychopathic Duplicates, who control Mars and fight Earth, duplicate him on neutral Venus.
3* (Matt and Marta broadcast truth to Mars and restore order.)
I thought our Matt might be a Duplie, especially when love interest Marta says Duplicator machines that processed uranium bombs changed, now create humans with caring "soul", so Matt was the last evil Duplie. Maybe a deliberate distraction by author, wouldn't Duplies keep and make more evil creating machines?

44. Something Green - McGarry, alone on red planet except for pet Dorothy on his shoulder, seeks downed ship for repair parts, only sees green when solar-power gun kills.
1* (He kills rescuer who explains Earth dead, no longer green.)

45. Me and Flapjack and the Martians - Narrator prospector describes how invading Martians worked translator on his mule who steals pancakes, even laced with cayenne, but thought the old man was a pet.
3* (Martians heard Flapjack's solution for land need and left forever, but man never heard why.)
46. The Little Lamb - As dark falls, narrator jealous artist Wayne seeks wife in neighborhood, finally in next-door artist Graham's locked cupboard.
1* (He takes nude painting, shoots Graham dead, hears wife's ghost laughing about her afternoon's confession of infidelity.)

47. Rustle of Wings - Gramp is atheist poker player until visiting seed salesman (never seen again) Charlie bets 13 (pieces of) silver dollars that he won't sign paper.
2* (Gramp declined; Methodist Gram would've signed away soul, because she thought God wouldn't let devil wander freely offering.)

48. Hall of Mirrors - From poolside conversation with fiancee, you (25 years old) suddenly wake in futuristic room with letter saying you can destroy machine, or wait.
2* (Time travel so you are fifty years younger but forgot wife and family in between, and realize you'll have to keep on writing letters, losing fifty years, until civilization ready for quasi-immortality.)

One -ish page stories follow

49. Experiment - Professor shows two friends time travel machine and they discuss paradox if he changes mind.
2* (Machine stays; Universe with professors disappear.)

50. Sentry - Wet muddy hungry cold lonely 50K light years from home, angry outpost soldier kills hideous invading cruel alien.
3* (Invader is Earth human; soldier is non-human.)

51. Keep Out - Narrator mutant ready to graduate, one of first colony genetically altered to survive on Mars.
2* (Angry youth (typo dissimilated) disimulated lied, they will kill all Earthmen.)

52. Naturally - Flunking student summons black magic demon to pass geometry exam.
3* (Demon escapes hexagram drawn instead of protecting pentagram.)

53. Voodoo - Angry husband agrees angry wife just back from Haiti can have all in divorce if he does not die when she stabs wax figure.
3* (He gives wife her own hair for doll.)

54. Answer - After final switch connects all artificial intelligence into supercyborg for all 96 billion planets in galaxy, they ask "is there a god?".
2* (Questioner electrocuted trying to disconnect, after AI says "there is now".)

55. Daisies - Plant communication researcher asks assistant Miss Wilson to give wife headband gadget to see images transmitted, "contrary to popular belief".
3* (Pot of "daisies do tell", so wife shoots unfaithful husband, then assistant.)

56. Patterns - Spinster spraying garden insecticide unworried about giant alien invaders creating misty cloud sinking from above.
2* (We guess aliens spraying humanicide.)

57. Politeness - Exasperated exhausted communication Earth specialist on Venus, after many failed expeditions, says "f- you" to native.
1* (Bisexual Venusian happily replies to only greeting that is less than horribly rude.)

58. Preposterous - Mr Weatherwax beretes wife for son's science fiction reading.
3* (He rides antigrav robot atomcab to moonport, hearing telepathecast on Fourth Martian War.)

59. Reconciliation - Couple continue ongoing argument, suddenly call loving forgiveness.
2* (Atomic explosion ends world.)

60. Search - Faithful Peter falls asleep waiting for God at foot of throne in Heaven, but God bows to the throne when he enters.
2* (Peter is a dog; his god is a man.)

61. Sentence - On landing, earthman accidentally kills an Antarian, awaits death overnight in extravagant Suite with best of food, drink, and females.
3* (Antarian night is 93 earth years, their lifespan 20K+ years.)

62. Solipsist - Walter B. Jehovah believes he imagines Universe, decides to die, imagines Universe away.
2* (Previous supreme entity thanks him for taking his place. Alone in void, Jehovah creates in seven days.)

63. Blood - Last two surviving vampires Vron and Dreena, flee annihilation in future, at last possible stop finally the inhabitant telepaths no knowledge of vampires.
3* (Dominant race descended from ... turnip.)

64. Imagine - Ghosts, unicorns, witches, spaceship, ...
1* (you on mud whirling through time and space.)

65. First Time Machine - Dr Grainger shows three friends box to press desired year; they discuss killing grandfather paradox. One always hated grandpa, and presses button to act.
2* (Sixty years later, Dr Grainger shows two friends box.)

66. Too Far - Manhattan bon vivant punster were-buck approaches doe in Zoo, "think of the fawn you'll have".
2* (Were-doe also a witch, and permanently transforms him so she can "keep the first buck she ever made".)

67. Millenium - Satan wary that next man secretary Lilith sends in will ask the Ultimate unselfish question in exchange for his soul when he dies.
2* (Little man wishes "that without any change whatsoever in myself, I become the most evil, stupid and miserable person on earth. Satan screams.")

68. Expedition - Lots drawn for first Mars ship send 29 women, one man, later nicknamed "Captain Maxon".
1* (Nickname because all have twins so "thirty infants" when second ship arrives earlier than expected year, nine months two days.) What am I missing? 29x2=58 not 30.

69. Happy Ending - Failed galaxy dictator Number One, left on deserted island, attacks natives who heal him after he fled carnivorous red ants.
1* (He laughs when their just punishment for killing elders is tie him up in path of red ants.)

70. Jaycee - 50M Parthenogenisis applicants accepted after plague kills many men; in 2000, inventor with first boy now 20, mutters about 25M Jaycees, Jr Chamber of Commerce?
2* (Son turns water into gin, then off to water-ski without skis. J.C. virgin births x 25M)

71. Unfortunately - Low on food, Ralph lands on Acturia, where manual says deaf-mutes will give whatever you request in written English, and asks for sizzling steak.
2* (Poor at spelling, they willingly tie him to stake and sizzle.) Gack.

72. Nasty - Demon, called Nasty for short, gives 65 year old lecher Beauregard silver swimsuit that restores virility.
2* (Effect stops when he takes shorts off, or down.)

73. Rope Trick - On second honeymoon in Calcutta, disappointed wife buys flute and lesson from Hindu fakir, then happily watches sheet rise when she plays music to husband in bed.
3* (Pajama drawstring lifted sheet.)

74. Abominable - Sir Chauncey Atherton seeks Lola Gabraldi, the loveliest woman in the world, carried off by an Abominable Snowman.
2* (For centuries, a special drug has transmuted lost mountaineers, to maintain the small tribe in a survivable form, so Chauncey must replace Lola, whom he just shot.)

75. Bear Possibility - Expectant father especially worried because he had to magically transform wife into bear to protect her from aggressive male, when she fell into zoo pen.
2* (Nine months previous, after ten yearning childless years.)

76. Recessional - Faithful to his embattled King, the narrator rejects late Bishop's theory that "we are but puppets ... White is not necessarily good and Black is not necessarily evil."
2* (Voice in sky says checkmate; survivors slide into tomb, join already dead "IT IS NOT JUST")

77. Contact - Last small city of dying Mars civilization, with much to offer, watches hopefully for first test rocket from Earth set to land 1K miles north.)
3* (Earth technicians miss, 1K miles south, believe no Martians. "Willie was right.")

78. Rebound - Small-time crook finds his "drop dead" over phone comes true, as does everything. He retreats to countryside and plans world takeover, shouts triumphantly, disregarding whomsoever hears.
2* (His body found next day at top of Echo Hill.)

79. Great Lost Discoveries I -- Invisibility - Discoverer in 1909 sneaks into Sultan's harem onto sleeping couch of beauty, but she screams.
2* (Eunuch guard swishes scimitar accurately in darkness.)

80. ... II--Invulnerability - Lt Hickendorf US Navy tests on 1952 A-bomb island.
2* (Force-field only held few hours air, so already dead when landed into sun 49 days later.)

81. ... III--Immortality - Communist (1978?!) Moscow chemist Smetakovsky takes dose when overhears he will die of pneumonia.
2* (He is comatose and delirious, pneumonia immortal too, so buried by 1981 doctors.)

82. Hobbyist - Druggist serves coffee while armed client Sangstrom explains at length why he wants poison to kill wife.
2* (Druggist served poison, asks $1K for antidote and sign papers in precaution.)

83. The End - Professor Jones pushes button to reverse time
1* (reverse to button pushes Jones Professor. End The)

84. Nightmare in Blue - (All begin "He awoke") On vacation, non-swimmer George runs for able wife Wilma when toddler Tommy starts to drown.
1* (Wilma swims to Tommy, stands in three feet of water with dead body.)

85. Nightmare in Grey - After nap, newly accepted fiance looks forward to meeting Susan's family, but similar-looking girl who opens door accts oddly.
2* (Girl calls on phone explaining Grandpa forgots fifty years to before marriage.)

86. Nightmare in Red - Ground shakes, bells ring, he runs into field of posts, not knowing why.
1* (Giant red letters in sky say TILT, like arcade game, "and it was the end of everything.")

87. Nightmare in Yellow - Gambling embezzling lawyer plans alternate identity after murdering wife at exactly 8:46 pm, moment of birth forty years before.
2* (When he turns on light, holding dead body, house full of guests yell surprise.)

88. Nightmare in Green - His wife of six years wins at everything, so at breakfast he will explain he wants to marry houseguest, helpless fragile dainty Laura.
2* (Wife wants divorce because she and Laura are in love. Green = jealousy)

89. Nightmare in White - Newlywed for six weeks, on sofa in his spinster sister Debbie's apartment, he's relieved when he feels wife Betty join him.
1* (His wife stands silhouetted in doorway, "rigid and beginning to scream.")

90. The Short Happy Lives of Eustace Weaver I - Supermarket stock clerk thinks he can parlay store safe contents into grand fortune, so sets time machine to next morning when safe opens
(Employees goggle at him holding safe, so he backtracks to start ...

91. ... II - He gets away, pockets stuffed, but thinks he can alibi if set to day before ..

92. ... III - He flies thousands of miles away to Los Angeles racetrack.
2* (But 25th Century Time Police, who would warn him for gambling, zap him dead for theft.)

93. Bright Beard - Despite rumors of previous wives, new bride caught unlocking closet.
2* (Venusian green-bearded spy chooses color-blind wives, hides radio for invasion plans in closet, graves in cellar.)

94. Cat Burglar - When 20th house baited with prize-winning Siamese, thief who stole only cats is caught, given "exceedingly light sentence" for "laudable" purpose.
1* (He added water to pulverized cremated ashes "for instant pussy" formula.)

95. Dead Letter - Laverty shoots Congressman Quinn despite warning of letter to be delivered in case of unusual death; heart stops when visitor Babcock brings envelope.
3* (Paper blank but Babcock works as Quinn's double.)

96. Death on the Mountain - He dreams of Saarba unknown to villagers in valley; after death he leaves in star that descends every three days, a Saarba week.
1* (Clouds still take the shapes dreamed by the departed loner.)

97. Fatal Error - Walter Baxter, avid mystery reader, plans perfect murder of uncle, adds burglary to divert suspicion as only heir, but is caught.
3* (He forgot to murder uncle, who witnessed burglary.)

98. Fish Story - Human Robert loves mermaid; Triton marries them as merpeople.
3* (Like fish, he swims over eggs to fertilize; in despair over non-consummation, he cannot drown with gills.)

99. Horse Race - Galactic Secret Agent sent to determine if Horse-like inhabitants claiming more asteroids than treaty with humanoids allow.
1* (Yes,"more Horses' asteroids than there are Horses". Haha not punny.)

100. The House - He leaves bright day outside, explores house with odd artifacts and furnishings, elusive voices, ends behind door with his name, enclosed with mother's 1887 magazine, memories of wife, and nine-hour candle.
1* (When dark, he screams and beats hands to "raw and bloody pulp." Huh? Hell?)

101. The Joke - Ace Novelty travelling salesman gets haircut and facial before big date with luscious married blonde; her dicky ticker gives out when he removes attractive mask.
2* (Her husband barber painted ghoul green make-up on boastful customer, then hung himself.)
102. The Ring of Hans Carvel - Aged jeweller suspects new vivacious young wife and bargains with dream devil, who promises she will be faithful as long as he wears this special ring.
2* (She wakes "darling, not your finger. That is not what goes there."

103. Second Chance - Jay and I watch androids replay 1959 World Series game 500 years later.
2* (No humans left, androids keep traditions alive.)

104. Three Little Owls - Owlets leave nest in day despite mother's warnings; first two are scared by hunter and fox, third attacks wildcat using thorn in beak; all then agree with mother.
2* (fable "Moral: Stay home by day. Matinees can get you in trouble.")

105. Granny's Birthday - Outsider lawyer Smith admires 80-year old matriarch and tribe, until only other non-family dies when falling head hits stone, after blow from ex pro boxer.
1* (Granny commands setup, frame both outsiders killed fighting each other.)

106. Aelurophobe - After big inheritance, new wife encourages Hilary to uncover cause of cat phobia via hypnosis.
1* (Sudden gynephobia catapults him into catatonic catalepsy and other cat-words.)

107. Puppet Show - A blood-red stick blue-hair alien rides a burro led by a prospector into Cherrybell Arizona pop.41, and as an "extraterrestrial minister plenipotentiary" calls for a tape-recorder and official representative, so the bar-owner calls his Air Force Colonel step-brother nearby; so starts the interview to enter the Galactic Federation.
3* (The stick, then handsome human disguised as prospector both are puppets to mule, whose last question regards importance of humanoid master race.)

108. Double Standard - On other side of glass, actor observes audience say and do censored profanities in his world, until finally the ultimate consummation.
2* (He screams for equality, to be released from inside TV box.)

109. It Didn't Happen - Lorenz Kane shoots dead stripper who slaps him after refusing offer, tells lawyer Mortimer Mearson that previous victims vanished as if never existed; he theorizes separate list from real people held by Real Estate Companies.
(2* Lawyer calls Midland Realty to remove Kane from reality file, shoots him, he vanishes.)

110. Ten Percenter - Narrator aspiring actor Bill Wheeler caught by wallet-owner Roscoe before using credit cards; agent makes his career, for percentage off the top and under the table, including women.
2* Bill shoots Roscoe to void deal, kills beloved Bessie instead, throws defence, now scared what happens after capital punishment.

111. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik - Clarinetist Dooley Hanks, after suicidal impulses and dream-like orgy, strangles musician for his handmade hautboy, medieval reed instrument, in strange foggy German town.
2* Playing the hautboy calls the rats of Hamelin town, who feast on him.

#51 p552 "dissimilated" for disimulated?
#68 p570 29 women have twins = 58 not "thirty infants"

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  1. Look at p. 570 again. It doesn't say 29 women have twins. It says 29 women give birth, one of whom has twins. So 30 infants is right.