MacGyver: 5* Atlantis, Doomsday

MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson) starts both adventures in London: posh accents, castles, elite universities and museums.

Atlantis seeks key in underground trap labyrinths, then under a volcano for treasure. Doomsday has more deaths and injuries. Former KGB and greedy millionaire team to build nuclear weapons.

As always, hero saves innocent pretty girls and bystanders, even traitors, with whatever lies to hand, seconds to spare. He knows how to play tough, cool, ingenious, never overacts. Betrayals seem obvious, not surprises.

1 Lost Treasure of Atlantis - Annoying past professor with Atlantis obsession has one of those bellowing loud-volume voices that pierce sensibilities, void credibilities "one of my best students"; not even good comic relief. Nasty Balkan ethnic cleanser general foiled when MacG trapped in shed with engine-less jeep and rocket ammo. Boom!

2 Trail to Doomsday - I never trusted the surviving brother and "ex-KGB good friend of the family" cutey, so no surprises. Big hair 80s had plumper ideals than scrawny models today; architecture always classic beauty. Starts with murder of "good friend", hasn't seen for years, some friend, and girl's body; double funeral. Run, chase, close calls, injuries. Scarier. First almost slapstick by comparison.

Anderson is tall and handsome, my ideal Air Force hero in Stargate team planetary explorations. Even in a Santa hat, his face is fine. Official Site

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