Fifth Element

3* for contemporary Bruce Willis, I'd watch him fight almost anything or anybody. Preview. Bizzzz-arely overdone humor, crazy 1997-era outer-spacey special effects, fights, action, memorable in flashes, not overall. I caught snippets, intrigued enough to stay up late when more popped onto my radar, then again I think, but never saw the beginning or knew the name. Browsing InnerSpace spacecast website to enter Hobbit film contest found 1-7 Feb 2013 cross-Canada Cineplex Digital Film Festival of supposedly well-rated entries. I recognized all but two: Fifth Element and Oldboy.

Futuristic Bruce Willis in orange overall is retired agent brought back. With orange-hair instant-English-learner girl garbed in decorously placed white strips, they embark on mission to save the world in strange method, lots of fighting and special effects. Would change DVD Reviews in blog heading to Film, but DVDs include Extras I discuss and rate. This is a place-holder while I interlibrary loan search for DVD.

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