Animation Express 0*

"Animation Express" 26 French/English shorts with subtitles. Sad dull boring and horror.
1 Madame Tutti Putli - horror, silent girl rides train, organ theft
2 Forming Game - letters shapes music India baby
3 Hungu - patterned aborigines arrow equines, ma cries for baby who ages, skull to instrument at start
4 Rosa Rosa - flickers lovers narrate war baby color normal "life goes on"
5 Rains - railway highrise umbrellas traffic violin clear piano birds
6 Retouches - plunk-notes wiper flakes orange road hand stair paintbrush man lines volleyball lines green
7 Subservience - bleak plain, panting servant rolls red carpet, drinks, violins ballerina 2 carpets contiguous servants sink for binocular wipe, alone high view
8 Spare Change -Montreal "dont talk to me about sunny skies" grey shade outlines bums bum asshole St Peter flame "go to Hell" rock color "do it" amoeba
9 The Spine - codependent counsellor fingers, cowboy Dan (Gordon Pinsent) body parts fall off fuck balloon songbird Mary deflates pink-green spine marriage
10-13 The Man who Slept, How People got Fire, Robes of War, Drux Flux

Disc2 - not worth a glance, but here's the titles in case you're searching
Sleeping Betty, The Necktie, Come Again in Spring, HA' Aki, Here and There, Flutter, Engine 371, Invasion of the Space Lobsters, Sainte Barbe. Paradise, Vive La Rose, Land of the Heads, Runaway

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