The True Story of Puss 'n Boots 1-2*

Polish Trailer with funny scene is not Shrek Banderas, but does have silly song charm if you change expectation to French animated musical with English songs: "I'm so pretty" from West Side Story, Greensleeves, and classical themes: William Tell, Beethoven, Danube waltz. Clever inventions are ostrich carriages (reminiscent of Flintstone Rock Vegas dinosaurs), fly-swatter sceptre, two chase fight scenes, one on a conveyor (only similarity to Shrek).

Choose French audio for lips to match words, without bro, slang, hemm-hawwing. Queens say biggie, hat's off, bupkiss, and yup? William Shatner voices lead, but the high squeaky, repetitive, smarmy tones are undistinguishable and unpleasant. Architecture is mosque-like, other credits French and E. European.

Like classic Russian tales, youngest miller's son pony-tailed Peter inherits the large, nearly as tall talking cat, on condition he makes special stored red leather into tall boots and His older brothers get the mill. He and the Princess are supposedly magnificent dancers. Puss promises the boy's royal crush will result in marriage. At the first inn stop, the pixie-cut masked princess executes her dream passion, first and only real dance in the whole film. The rest are just poses. Why do women all have big hips? French?

The evil chamberlain in a creepy beetle carapace-like cape wants to marry her. Magic candies transform competing suitors into warty toads for a mountain castle dwelling ogre, who hulk-like grows giant octopus tentacles, but dreams of one day becoming a swan. Jamaican chimp pianist is our team's inside man, taming the monster with music.

Extras (in English) Shatner interview has silent question pages. Slide show has 17 stills that summarize plot ending with full cast bow Trailer covers full story. Phase4 previews: Gruffalo, Jane Lynch Disco Worms, Antonio Banderas (finally!) The Missing Lynx, Forrest Whittaker Dragon Hunters (How to Train a Dragon off-take, Not Original!).

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