Gift of the Night Fury 3*

Full. Short sweet Winter Festival Snoggletog tale about the Viking village of Berk. All the dragons fly away, leaving nothing to celebrate. When Hiccup gives Toothless a tail replacement that allows independent flight, the Night Fury takes off too, and stays away, even when the boy finds the other runaways.

Extras: Gobber's Training Secrets demonstrated for six types, 4 deleted scenes (storyboards plain), Game, How to sketch baby Gronkle, Snoggletog party howto, Previews for Kung Fu Panda 2 (KF Fighting, TV series, Secrets of Furious Five dvd, game), Puss in Boots, plus songs from Shrek (I'm a believer), How to train your dragon (Fly High), Madagascar (Move It, Penguin Xmas), MegaMind (medley).

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