Harry Potter Deathly Hallows 2*

Starts, middles and ends with death (see spoiler), chases in between. Professor Dumbledore's legacies give hints for students Harry, Hermione, and Ron to find and defeat evil Lord Voldemort. In a magical muggle-oblivious England of little green and much grey, they run, pause to solidify evidence, get attacked, escape, run again. Dark, dark, and more dark. Featurette 1* sad, confusing 3* effects.

Settings: Dursley's 4 Privet Dr, sky, Weasley's, wedding, Sirius' refuge, cafe, Ministry, woods, rocky shore, seaside, cemetery, village, old lady's cottage, forest, Luna's, enemy stronghold, cellar prison, beach ... Voldemort and minions pursue everywhere.

Clues: Horcruxes, Gryffindor sword to destroy horcruxes, birth-place Godric's Hollow, bar-circle-triangle symbol for three Hallows

Spoilers: Deaths: witch teacher of Muggles course, Mad-eye Moody, house-elf Dobby

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