Spooks MI-5 s1

dvd UK MI-5 = US Spooks 5* s1 Accents, scenery, architecture, action, lifelong fascination with secret world saviors, cartoon heroes, play pretend, feeling of inside scoop on real danger - actors leave, so cast rotates as corpses, but they usually win over the bad guys, so once hooked, I kept on. Episodes

Comic moments sparse so prized. X-rated for violent repeated deaths, a few curses every episode. Writers seem to hate heroes, give them horrible homes, punishing personal lives, accusations, incarcerations, torture by allies and enemies, no love, always angst, guilt, death. Official Website no longer has S1 clips. Almost everyone murdered painfully, too many betrayed, tortured by own side.

Sought fave funny scene - Danny gets cold tea & kisses, Zoe gets vodka & cold dunk - Got bits, many montages over sad songs. future spoilers has their voices

E4 extras explain missing "working" titles and full cast and crew credits. "Bigwigs" trio are SG (Stephen Garrett, Executive Producer), JF (Jane Featherstone, Series Producer), SCC (Simon Crawford Collins, Producer) abbreviated here because they appear often in extras. DW (writer David Wollenscraft) had idea for secret credits "anonymous" on first script as joke. JF agrees TV audience doesn't care about crew, others agreed more time, unique. Zoe - wants to crawl into hole anyway but feels for makeup girl and necessary important little people. SCC - news followed, made more real

Unusual menu setup, as if spy putting disc into desk computer, side view two black and white security cameras on hooded gloved man. Audio press 5 unintelligible but gave English captions, same as screen. Rolodex has "key feature". Two file folders on desk - tan, white - have more extras, interviews, deleted scenes, "secret" credits. Enclosure diagrams desk, times.


E1 Thou Shalt Not Kill Trailer.
Trembling smoker informs that 20 bombs arrived in Liverpool from Ireland, apparent street worker lights cigarette signal, explosion takes out abortion doctor driving and, slowly, later, daughter 7, of family waving farewell. At office, Harry Pearce starts team searching: lead Matthew/ Tom Quinn, Zoe, Danny, IT Malcom, Tessa. Why cookie cutter all super-slim, even lead men. Women have many swingy bobs, whether blondish Tessa or plump grey Connie.

Tails, photos, social chitchat. Conspirators meeting led by Mary Kane, y'all accent favored by this show, gets on my nerves. She had an abortion at 15, killed doctor 25 years later on anniversary, intends a big bang to commemorate her husband going to chair in Florida - ubiquitous show deadline, kills in the name of life. CIA Christine Dale does not sound American.

Tom caught in previous false identity, worried about telling truth to girlfriend Ellie. Bed scenes, including bugged target soundtrack, is titillation. I like funny bits - secret agents blowdry runaway kitty, Maisie blabs overheard "Zoe" on purpose to get Tom in the soup.

Too tiring equals fast forward - whine, nag, mean, selfish, the L-word just makes her harsh treatment more cruel - explosion preferable except for little Maisie - although youth does not guarantee goodness. Wimpy when good guys give sweet long lives to scum. This one got justice, gives her right to choose. Hard to watch IT Colin knowing villains hang him in later episode.

E2 Looking After Our Own Trailer.
Hard-core racist Robert Osborne organizes national riots, orders abused wife to open blouse so business associates see results of cosmetic surgery he paid for, jacket barely open. In side plot, debts tempt Danny to abuse work computer access.

Other hated episodes where beloved stars killed; this queasiest, turned away, public outcry when broadcast. Inexperienced admin staffer Helen undercover as wife for Tom is tortured, killled with boiling oil. Closed my eyes, fast forward, interminably long. Forgot Helen betrayed by abused wife. Civil servant decisions often impossible to swallow, thankfully they take own justice. Mournful solo soprano started at her death, through funeral, to motorcycle under tunnel reminiscent of Diana, gunshot sound, fake wedding ring falls from Tom's wallet.

Origins of MI-5 Heads talk
SG drawn back to bookstore's John LeCarré when searching for better than standard police or hospital precincts. British MI-5 has life and death urgency plus personal and professional necessity for lies, would reach wider because we all lie. First try for Ch4 (sex drugs and rock n roll) flopped; who is enemy after cold war?
JF put writing team together, such as radical 70s playwright Howard Brenton. After jobs changed, BBC1 wanted brave, dynamic for younger audience, so got action plus personal aspect.
SCC got green light at last minute, cheered because liked scripts.
Zoe Reynolds (Keeley Hawes): good part
DW already had good team, wanted to do story about ordinary people in ordinary job turn out to be spies. Soprano popular then.

Audio Commentaries:

E1 by writer DW, producer JF, director E1,2 Bharat Nalluri
For first script, 30 drafts of 4 or 5 stories, 40-50 cuts of first few minutes. No credits deliberate to emphasize anonymous sources. Grid is their name for office; diddley-dees are their name for the location captions for Thames House, really same architect, Covent Garden Freemason's Hall. Matt presses up button and down light goes on, twice. Elevator door really to gent's loo, excuse for their Ellie talk. Script did (?) acknowledge current 9/11 event. Inner sanctum "pods" have Xrays for real, here manual spin, blue lights. Interior was University medical lab. Authentic identity boxes, actual spies have 20-30.

Did split screens for surveillance, stuck, stolen by Yanks' 24, Mary Kane (Lisa Eichorn) is American, but born in NY, University Queens Kingston Ontario, so accent crock. Menacing pink embroidered cardi. Real news footage for explosion. Real spies also choose IT jobs as boring to discourage interest. I missed they sprayed a gas smell, real trick, for their cover as repair crew. Cat, extradition to capital punishment were researched, real experience.

"Obbo" observation van, like Tardis, larger, big set with ceiling fan shadow unnoticed. Malcom here infatuated with Zoe, yet later they make him gay boyfriend with IT Colin. Surprise. Girl's hospital death has funny out-takes. Where? I found none. Matt looks to be in mirror, is not. Deleted scenes with Danny and Zoe on roof, omit when 140-150 scenes; usual is 90. Colors cold - blue walls, blue shirt - emphasize Matt's eyes. Rooms re-used later. Danny wears expensive leather jackets and heavy gold bracelet for money trouble plot line.

E2 by creator-writer DW, producer SCC, director Bharat Nalluri
Ramp is superfast speedy film rate. Have 14 days to film episode, so group scenes according to set. When writers and directors vary, next one out-does one before. 8 year old drew as 6 for Maisie. Friend contributed loggerhead turtles idea. Use real edit suite and machine for set. Looked at 20 community centres for visual interest, and still didn't like result. Real operation would take months, TV takes minutes as days. Deleted domestic scenes about forgotten washing up and ordering curry. Their bedroom was E1 Mary Kane's interrogation room; Matt looks more nervous in bed here than in with Mary.

Zoe in Kremlin is real jargon for MI-5. "Move to close" became crew jargon. Re-use graveyard. We all know what burns feel like, so we feel pain. Really cold tea with coloring, bubbles, smoke. Found containers so set chase there instead of street. Seaside sequence cut to Tessa's face watching, we hear crying of drowning refugees. Real time car in tunnel on 4 security screens. Poetic finale without words.

Extras: First File
Appraisal - Zoe Reynolds 26
All spy resumés ("appraisals" and "reports") have brief first page: name, education, dependents, aliases. Second reads like advertisement in easy language , book blurbs, not realistic files.
Keeley Interview - S2 three cover identities, only girl

Editing MI-5 - Colin Green
First experience pop videos good training for fast 4 minute films, quick cuts, comedy last minute, 3 week shoot, cut 1 hour from day before to 10 mins tops, show dir at end of day, sound & music, finishing & dubs, overall 2 months because 2 at a time, took longer for first two episodes trying out and failing, (influences is unheard question, answer is blathery lots)

Intelligence Report - Helen Flynn

"Shock" behind scenes
DW admits "I killed Helen Flynn. I'm sorry.",
actor Danny (David Oyelowo) shouted to wife "They've just fried the head of a main character",
JF brought forward plot from later episode and rewrote E1 for more Helen
DW wanted real people in real trouble, not James Bond, not cavalry in time, not fake bounce back from fatal injuries
editor Colin Green - can't see how palatable
actor Tom (Matthew MacFadyen) - grueling, nasty, tough, but not emotionally draining
producer SCC - cannot kill star every week
director Bharat Nalluri - primordial fears sharks, falling, burning to a crisp, everyone knows physicality of being burnt, characters you care about
Colin - key is sound, makes brain tick over at alarming rate, heebie jeebies at first look
Bharat - see very little, like shadow instead of cat, look carefully on dvd NO
Colin - so much screaming he had to play insanely bizzarely loud cheerful music in cutting room, bizarre, only see rubber hand
DW - we made the point, reaction majority for it artistic
Matt - 3-400 complaints, not gratuitous, imagination why worked so well, more blood n guts on news
David - complaints because Lisa Faulkner loved by many men out there
DW - friends' angry phone calls "how could you? but well done"

Deleted Scenes
Danny and Zoe on roof - "that's Mars", "I got someone pregnant" - Helen comes - "flat's come through:
Matt ordered curry, Helen cooked, Matt leaves dishes

Secret Credits - title, full cast & crew
E1 "Thou Shalt Not Kill" - Tom (Matthew Macfadyen), Zoe (Keeley Hawes), Danny (David Oyelowo), Harry (Peter Firth), Tessa (Jenny Agutter), Helen (Lisa Faulkner), Colin (Rory Macgregor), Malcom (Hugh Simon), Ellie (Esther Hall), Maisie (Heather Cave),

E2 "Looking After Our Own" same plus (Robert) Osborn (Kevin McNally), Claire Osborne (Debra Stephenson)

Second File
Profile - Tom Quinn 32
aliases include Davy Crockett, nickname from McCann
Starting Out interview Matt Macfadyen - in the family, school plays, drama schools 3 yr, happiest on stage, not a proper job, paid love it

Creating MI-5 DW
Writer Beginnings - grew up in "America", TV Hill Street Blues & Moonlighting fast glossy slick, moved here Edge of Darkness inspiration edgier, single writer vs US teams, fun to get paid, not political (answers hidden question)

Directing E1,2 Bharat Nalluri
1971 Nov1 arrive in England, walked past mother to TV, box person inside, Lucas Star Wars, borrowed dad's Super 8 camera trial and error, awards, Crow franchise, now choosy for script blockbuster later
, spooks "perfect script". Find cast, crew, schedule, fine-tune script, rush around film while edits, producer, music, sound, long process

Gallery stills on set

DVD-Rom Content on disc - Scripts pdf, Wallpaper, Weblink, Cult-link


Menu same security camera side panels, verbal instructions to intruder "Dark Angel" entering office with disarm passcode. Confuses - flashing red box is not where cursor sits.

E3 "One Last Dance"
Zoe to Turkish Consulate party as Emily, exposed when Kurds take hostages. Tom, while birthday party waits at home (snarky Ellie refuses to answer phone, witch) has to negotiate. Nearby bank is drained of money and names of every MI-5 and MI-6 agent. Ex-agent Johnny Marks, supposedly dead, got codes by kidnapping relevant daughter.
When he brings asthma medicine for consul tied to bomb on balcony, Tom tugs Zoe out of reach, so sniper shoots bandit, building stormed. Johnny brings name to Tessa, who loved him and miscarried his child, and trades them to Harry for walking free with £15M.)

E4 "Traitor's Gate"
In demonstration against coming London visit by American President Bush, Zoe recognizes rugby tackle and Peter Salter (Tony Head - Buffy's mentor, Dr Who alien) "legend" spy, orders his release. Ellie sees Tom's bullet wound; she's vetted, Tom can tell truth; she goes snarky, wants more than he can say, insists he tell kid 6 or they leave, refuses call, again, hangs up on his work. Witch. He deserves better, so do kids. MI-6 Jules (Hugh Laurie - Jeeves' Bertie Wooster, House). Salter recruited Tom. Hairy chests on both - Tom dark and furry, Peter sparse and grey.
Tom knows Salter loves anarchist chick ("shagged 2 years" is "get to know"?), has to figure out double cross. Tessa tells Zoe she runs phantom agents for money, bribes her 10K to keep quiet. Silly to see Salter stripped for bugs, dressed in skirt, then leading others like baby chicks past blind spots. How does he bring terrorists disc after they stripped him? Sound effects imitate tinnitis, feels real. Surprise ending forgotten - he grabbed Tom's belt and hung, later another airport scam.)

E3 SCC, actor Zoe (Keeley laughs throughout, one remark - only rehearsal is lighting), director Rob Bailey, writer Simon Mirren
Only one terrorist actor spoke Kurdish. Too windy Horse Bridge reshot in Roehampton. Rainy set needed water hose when later dry. Actor who played daughter - tied up, cried - only did comedy before; Johnny retapes her mouth before she says her one line. Matt has sunglasses, eyes closed, or in profile because burst blood vessel in right eye for two episodes. Color drains to blue-gray in red Turkish consulate room, when situation more tense, unnoticeable, constrasts with browns in surveillance van - and ceiling fan. Extras couldn't return, so a dad filled in. Asthmatic Turkish consul had real cold, sat hours on balcony in pouring rain. Freeze frame on Johnny's resumé has false odd phrases - Mary Kane bomber and her website, age 40 found shot dead in Florida home; Harry says he identified body burned in Irish car bomb.

Tablecloth cut in half so terrorist could rip onto cop's head. "Dutch angle" shot means at 45º angle. Bank president (Jeremy Book) disguised in Star Wars, attends all conventions. Very windy, had to speak loudly, often record "guide track", later dub (ADR acronym - words differ, same meaning). Expository dialogue hinders action. Art department Scandinavian, so is rolling list of MI-5 employees.

Guns are real, decommissioned. Deliberate pauses, flag waves lightly, amid frenzy. Tessa's super fancy flat, real sliding closet doors, hint at inflated income. Harry gets outside rarely. Wind blows away voices, lights, and Steadicam camera. Many threads to tie off.

E4 producer SCC, director Rob B, writer Howard Brenton
Increasingly complicated recaps. (Like worst Stargate episodes rehash.) Real news riot footage, real building overlooking square, real time. Again, they don't mention, but I see spy resumé , here Salter, deteriorates into hash of Mary Kane phrases, appendicitis, terminated pregnancy, abortionist website. Tee-hee, tsk-tsk.

Theatre acting understated for small screen. Hand-held blurs foreground focus. Different writer gives more scenes. MI-6 in truth Oxbridge, government foreign office, vs MI-5 grammar school, confirms source. Scouted train station quiet, on day unusable, all dubbed, broken up, hard for actors to hold performance. All writers agree on character of Tom, he decides suddenly, even flips, down new track.

Deep throat adviser solved trapped in house by phoning cops complaining naughty couple in car and kids around. Camera dropped by accident gave appropriate shot. Danny gets caught here fiddling banks, good later in series. Brainy cops and chiefs depart from norm. Tom bounces on couch, wound forgotten, oops. Used fake doggy doo for message drop, real example is dead rat. Sandwich box comes out of nowhere. Phantom agent is real problem, not only money, but false info. Lispy writer is fan of early "Taggart"
where plot turns out to be about something different, tried to do here. Tinnitis like nose bleed from Carré's Tinker Tailor. Cut to reactions, close and reactions sells emotion, cannot do on cinema screen. Dialogue from next scene overlaps Tom groaning in pain on floor.

Extras File1 - can hear the questions behind the interviews
Profile - Zoe Reynolds 26
Paper. Interview Keeley - Acted 10 years at drama school, spotted Oxford St modelled, gave up happily for part.

Appraisal - Harry Pearce
Peter Firth "I'm hard to pigeon-hole", wants "quirky". Harry "suit with a twinkle" well-read rather than well-educated, writers pepper quotations.

The Cast - interview bits with lots of faces, enthusiastic, joy, look forward to

MI-5 Terminology -
Report: founded 1909, now 1900 staff at Thames House, half under 40, under half women
Terms seem normal after watching and reading this material before 2- spook, agent, watcher surveils. 3 - safe house, brush contact is drop message picked up soon, 4 - dead lettter box, legend 5 - backstop - vouches for legend, buggers/ burglars 6 - going native, jammer
Tongue twisting - actors' interview shots: lots of laughs, DW most "chewy", weapons, computers, Matt "debriefed" "penetrated" "blown" leads to giggles

Secret Credits E3,4 18 pages of full cast and crew, working titles
regular plus E3 "One Last Dance" - Johnny Marks (Christopher Fulford), Leyla (Katie Jones)
E4 "Traitor's Gate" - Peter Salter (Anthony Head)
Henry VI - book by David Oyelowo took 6 months, never written anything after school, play age 24 less reaction than "black"
DVD-Rom Content - scripts, wallpaper, weblinks as before

Profile - Danny Hunter 25
"Starting Out" David Oyelowo fancied a girl at church, "date" was acting lesson, he kept on, encouraged by teacher, young "telly addict" later asked "could I do that?"

Profile - Tessa Phillips 48
"Startin out" Jenny Agutter by chance, naturally ballet school, boarding school, Walt Disney needed girl easy to pick up and carry, got her out of school, had no qualifications for anything else

Appraisal - Tom Quinn written summary no age, elsewhere 32
Playing - DW, Matt - everyone has a bit of Tom in them, "good fun" running around, bashed up

Intelligence Report - Jools Siviter 45 MI-6 summary Hugh Laurie
bits from others and later episode(s) clips, gallows humor, guess they couldn't get Hugh himself

The Terror Question
DW 9/11 "sidewinded" and made Spooks suddenly relevant after 4 episodes, changed tone, increased scale of danger, Bharat everyone now believes what they couldn't before, did rewrite scenes, sources frightening & reassuring, Zoe (Keeley) - now "more horrifying", S2 no emergency vehicle available because in real use JW - We try to inflame BOTH sides of argument

Gallery - stills, promo ads comments from bigwigs DW, SG cute fact - needed 6M viewers 30%, got 9M 42%. Billboards - one by Matt's flat, DO - hard to drive roundabout seeing own giant face, Keeley - "bizarre but fun".

Deleted Scenes
In flat, Zoe preps for Turkish party, Danny (never Dan) watches
Ellie and Maisie dancing around before birthday party, gets roses from Tom (never Tommy)
Tessa wants Zoe to "tell tales" in ladies' loo

Same intruder entry to Grid, instructions for choices on desk in split screen.

E5 "Rose Bed Memoirs"
1993 Middle East photo of Saudi royal, Brits, Russian in cahoots. Forward to Hampton Wilder, released from prison after conviction for illegal arms dealing as Minister, now saved by Jesus, claims regret for memoirs that slanders PM's favorite, Maynard for continuing his treason. Ellie's ex Mark Hodd threatens Tom; when Ellie rants, I fast forward. Tessa's black lace undies plus the sound of a zip, she's already involved with Maynard. Zoe scoffing Danny's vodka into her teapot, and he dunking her head into cold water is funny; both learn Harry said they're "the brightest and the best", and gets funnier. Jools "Glad someone's running the country".
Doorbuzzer goes mid-kiss for Zoe and Danny, weekend visitor walks out, Jools takes supposed manuscript out of pants, whole office chimes "Christ", laughs. Contrasts with serious Lermov stabs and inquisitions for truth - fast-track to foreign office is CIA asset. Twists. Maybe cleverest episode, minimum violence, maximum foolery.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NHnozfE88U Spoiler Ending)

E6 "Lesser of Two Evils"
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5eqGMjVQ35k See recap, first 4 mins, ignore rest, really next episode
Danny fail-safes Tom's house to protect Ellie. Tom meets questionable IRA McCann in the middle of a field and strip, mirror-like, despite the serious music, the "dance" and the wellies make me laugh - found no gag reel or out-takes. McCann asks for 30 hours blind eye in exchange for Arab attack on Brit nuclear power station; team figures Irish plan subway (Brit "tube") stop bomb. Someone made a poor joke with curtained shadow of politician D.G. (Deputy General) getting finger up the bottom simultaneous with Tom's request to go over Harry's head. Another thread - Zoe tells Harry about Tessa' phantom agents when she asks for lots.

I thought the best place in an explosion was inside the bathtub or the fridge. Cool looking inside a computer. Tom deserves somebody coolheaded. Cliff-hanger ends before bomb should explode.
I remember Maisie gets sticky fingers all over the card and trouble ensues, but they live because later she blabs at school. Tense last minute save at power plant. Targets "disincentivized" but "it's never over".)

E5 "The Rosebud Memoirs" by writer lispy Howard Brenton, actor David Oyelowo (Danny), producer JF, editor Colin Green, director Andy Wilson
Desert was quarry in freezing February, real Saudi tent was in underground carpark. Jenny (Tessa) proud of being 50; they don't say she used undie double. Second time through Tessa's "tour through the sensitive areas" has double funny meaning. Matt's eye still bloodshot. He didn't like only punch in series to be at doddy oldster. Holland Park Orangerie has lovely society mural. Serious scenes (often?) provoke actor giggles. Clothed bottom and naked chest shot of David. He had to dunk Zoe once, too wet for re-shoot. Bigshot Hugh Laurie leaving opera box really had to exit and enter closet.

Trafalgar Square is "heart of the Empire", now fenced off, scenery big reason I watch BBC. Danny can't "eat your cake and have it" - David. Script specified "silk boxers" for Jools. Couldn't work out CIA agent tie-off suggestion till late, fifth draft. They notice many unplanned views through bars.

E6 by co-auther (with DW) Brenton, actor David O, producer JF, editor Green, director Wilson
Most hand held new Minimar one-hander French (built at request of Jean Goddard), took only four minutes per special roll. Camerman's own hand with grenade and feet marching to safe house as Irish McCann. DW originated treatment, split up 30 pg each, united on one computer to revise whole. New angle to meeting room because last scene, demolished whole wall forever. Say only scene with convential camera to concentrate attention on wordy exposition, but is later. DW does tongue twisters. Off-com only allows twelve phone numbers for TV, cannot choose realistic digit combo.

CIA source says they really do meet in fields and disrobe. Snow and sleet right after freezing, repeated ten times. McCann "Irish peasant" accent specifically made-up, based on real person. Olympic rowing practice pool, same as E5 tent. Cooperation based on current news. Brainstormed ideas bound together by DW. Green Irish website did give attack info. Fine line between credibility and giving instruction manual to terrorists. Plant plans from real decommissioned site. D.G.'s is same as opera and gentleman's club is 1960s opulent silk merchant's house. Forgot he was Doctor behind green curtain, chosen to invoke Wizard of Oz. Men laugh at prostate scene.

Not usual 3 act structure. Real videos of missile launch. True MI-5 lenient, pension off miscreants, send to obscure locale. Newscasters rewrite scripts for realism. Accepted farm before knew sewage collecters. "Untie his hands" - find any gag. Real soldiers search for terrorists and ordnance. "Disincentivized" is real euphemism. Thought of Goldfinger when police refuses dime to report bomb, for cliff-hanger explosion.

Extras: File1 (left to right, tan)

Appraisal - Danny Hunter
Written page. Interview actor Dave "best telly scripts ever", meant too much. He scratches his nose saying he loves close group, have "sometimes too much fun". (Someone said nose touch, like Nixon, means fibs.) Spies are not ordinary, but extraordinary. Non-computer-ish in real life, good at "look like you know what you're doing".

Profile - Harry Pearce 52
Interview Peter Firth - desire to show off, joined drama club for girl (like Dave O). Double-deckers show his age "age is very cruel".

Deleted Scenes
Harry taking flowers, chides office gossiper, taking to grave.
Zoe guiding Danny's welcome to flat for Ellie and Maisie to push reunion with Tom. "Be yourself". "Why do you think I'm so nervous?" Maisie translates b-a-s-t-a-r-d.
Tessa asks Zoe "You're a big girl aren't you?"
Back to Danny-Ellie meet.
Danny dozing at computer with pizza slice, "good friend" Zoe scared about Tessa.
Tessa looks at Zoe in loo (that is the full deleted scene, one look while Zoe towels her hands)

Secret Credits 20 pages includes crew for Extras
E5 "The Rose Bed Memoirs" Lermov (David Calder), Wilder (Tom Piggott-Smith), Maynard (Nicholas Farrell), Jools Siviter (Hugh Laurie)
E6 "Lesser of Two Evils" Madge/Housekeeper (Linda Marlowe), McCann (Lorcan Cranitch), D.G. shadow (Henry Goodman)

Season Two interviews: bigwigs trio, Peter & Matt, Keeley
JF - 10 episodes more range than 6 in S1, focus on more than Tom. Peter - "people like the product, you can lay it on thicker". Keeley - "bigger and better because we've all been down to the gym, well, once"
Preview clips. Zoe, Danny, Tom walk toward us with helicopter flying in background, expect explosion.

File2 (right-most, white)
The World of Spies - An Intelligent Community
Peter -"they couldn't tell us, they'd have to kill us". Keeley repeats Peter and recalls they did meet MI-5 officer. Matt "inverted demented glamor" "everyone loves spies", said applications for MI-5 tripled after Spooks aired. SCC wanted to humanize between LeCarre creepy betrayal and slick Bond "break speed limit". JF "paranoia becomes part of life". SG filed as "Prawn". Green - losing cat & hairdryer real

Producers: What they do interviews bigwig trio - SG jobs overlap, overall creative and organizational primo, hire right people to realize vision; JW TV long-running series needs unity unlike film

Appraisal - Tessa Phillips (Tom 32)
Jenny Agutter interview - results of hard decisions, Tessa self-serving unlike Stella Rimington (former MI-5 director, now espionage author, but equally adulterous as heroine Liz Carlyle)
http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/0099461390/bloomsburymag-21 excerpt At Risk (Stella #1)

Gallery of stills, many folded arms, three from in-field double disrobe

DVD-ROM (their all-caps, not mine) Content - scripts, wallpaper, weblinks - same as other discs
Windows Vista warned "incompatible", so not possible to test.

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